Black Friday Madness   HOT !


Dear Secret Agents,

Black Friday Madness is real. We live in an oppressive society ruled by the Fashion Police. Even our shopping moments are marked by an adjective Black. Black Friday? No! I’ll have a White Friday – thank you very much! Secret Agent went on a mission. I put on my white cream  Lulu Guiness Miami Sweat Shirt and her vintage print car took me places! It made me go Bang Bang!

In the words of Harry Winston: “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Down with the Black Friday Madness! Viva La Personal Madness. Viva La White Friday!


Black Friday Madness-7Black Friday Madness-4 Black Friday Madness-5Black Friday Madness-3Black Friday Madness-2Black Friday Madness

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Lulu Guiness top | Pour La Victoire Bag | French Connection Coat | Zara trousers | Rockport boots



Lulu Guinness collaborated with UNIQLO twice so everyday women can enjoy her wonderful playfulness with more affordable prices. “I love the young element and the price of course – it enables new customers to buy into the Lulu Guinness brand,” said Guinness.  Read more.

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