Beat the January Blues in Style   HOT !


Dear Secret Agents,

So you’re feeling a bit blue this January? Every magazine is telling you How to Beat the January Blues. Exercise (although your belly can’t take it), plan a holiday (although post-Christmas you can’t really afford it) and get out and spend time with your friends (who are also down, are measuring their belly and are broke too). I say ditch all of that crap, they are missing the point. Why not grab January Blues by the balls? WEAR BLUE. Start with your fashion accessories. Hat. Necklace. Shoes. Anything you can find in your closet.

I started with my statement Romanian Lace necklace piece. Then I added a hat and shoes. It was only after I got all the blue accessories in order that I remembered my blue coat. Last but not least, the inside layers can be any lighter colours complementary to the blue. Or they can be blue? I dare you to use all the blues in your wardrobe to beat the january blues. That’s what real Secret Agents do.

Viva La Bleu! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Beat the January BluesBeat the January Blues-2 Beat the January Blues-5Beat the January Blues-4

This blog post is a collaboration with the talented Australian fashion illustrator and accessories designer Lorena Balea-Raitz. Lorena shares my love for colour and creativity. She was born and raised in Europe and her beautiful Romanian Point Lace accessories are influenced by her Romanian heritage. I am wearing her lace necklace above. I have also featured a pink lace necklace on my Wear Pink and Rob a Bank post. Lorena uses an old lace-making technique to create one of a kind wearable art jewellery. You can follow her work on her Romanian Point Lace Design Facebook page. I also encourage you to browse through her Point Lace Etsy shop. Last but certainly not least, her Fashion Illustrations on Etsy are perfect gifts for your fashionista friends. For updates and new work follow her beautiful illustrations on Facebook.

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