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Be My Valentine Red Shoe?

Dear Secret Agents,

Will You Be My Valentine Red Shoe? Will you touch my Second Heart?

Valentines Day is approaching and it’s becoming pretty hard to escape red and pink hearts popping up everywhere. To me, it’s all a big marketing scam, praying on our primary hearts. But my Secret Agents know better. It’s the Second Heart I’m talking about. Didn’t know you had a second heart? Boy, I’ve got news for you! Time to liberate yourself from that broken heart. You’ve got another one under your sleeve! Hurray!

Your Second Heart is located at the backside of the lower leg, upward of the heel. So when you get wet slipping your foot into that perfect shoe, it’s not an accident. It’s that thing called love my dearest. Love, felt by the second heart. Did you ever wonder why we fall for red shoes more than others? It’s the colours of blood, feeding emotions to our heart.

I dared to listen to my second heart this year and popped the question:  Kiki, Will You Be My Valentine Red Shoe? Will you touch my second heart? – My foot slipped into her as she nodded with love. I blushed. She blushed. We were both red.

Viva La Second Heart! Viva La Kiki! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Be My Valentine Red Shoe-2 Be My Valentine Red Shoe-3  Be My Valentine Red Shoe-5Be My Valentine Red Shoe-4 Be My Valentine Red Shoe



This post is a collaboration with the Australian PRESTON ZLY shoe design house. Kiki comes from their Towards Wearable Abstraction collection, a must see! Every shoe comes with a note and a story – how delightful! Here’s the story of Kiki:

“TOWARDS WEARABLE ABSTRACTION sees PRESTON ZLY explore the shoe as abstraction – as a form of curves, planes, materials and colours. Kiki uses our now classic Marlene with its bulbous toe and adds a t-bar, a geometric wedge and a super extreme and curvaceous  Cuban Heel to create a shoe like no other. Exploring the use of traditional #brogue punching to create a block of pattern, this shoe is a stunningly individual Fashion Statement. In a time of mass production where even a small shoes order is measured in the thousands, this is a #LimitedEdition shoe painstakingly & meticulously Handmade by our dedicated craftsmen, all experts in their particular field of shoemaking.”

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