Animal Print Instinct   HOT !

Animal Print Instinct

Dear Secret Agents,

High alert: Animal Print Instinct!

One of our secret agents has been caught and imprisoned within four walls with only one door that leads to nowhere. Worst of all, she’s been stripped of all bright colours and forced to wear monochrome colours. This is a very common torture technique used against our colourful secret agents by the All Black mobs sabotaging our Tru’ Colour Revolution.

But fret not. This secret agent is known for ultra heightened Animal Print Instinct. When attacked, she transforms into a Mad Leopard Warrior raging in Animal Print Instinct. At first glance you would mistake her for a civilian, but you need to look down at her legendary military Spat Boots. This is not e secret agent to mess around with. When King George V stopped wearing Spat Boots in 1926, our Mad Leopard Warrior refused to obey. She has been sporting Spat Boots since, moving from flat to high heeled Leather Spat Boots, using the heel to break doors, locks and windows. She is notorious for her rage, hence the nickname Mad Leopard Warrior. ROAR!

We are sincerely worried for those who have captured her, for she will break away and she will eat them for breakfast. Please spread the word and let’s try and negotiate her release! ROAR!

Animal Print Instinct (2 of 10) Animal Print Instinct (1 of 10)Animal Print Instinct (4 of 10) Animal Print Instinct (5 of 10)Animal Print Instinct (3 of 10) Animal Print Instinct (6 of 10) Animal Print Instinct (9 of 10)



Spat Boots I am wearing above are from the After the Rain collection by Preston Zly. In this collection, glamour meets hard edge, style comes unforced, the material is naturally beautiful.

The Spat Boot is styled after the spat shoes made famous in the 1920’s. The lines are curvy but sleek, bold but fun. Frankly, when is the last time you saw a sexy leather spat boot? – Exactly! That’s why I got so excited when I got them. They carry so much power that immediately I wanted to be a Leopard Warrior. Worth investing as these boots are made for showing off. Roar!


Oh yes, and I have teamed up with Preston Zly to give you a discount – so don’t forget to use code TRU2015 and claim your secret agent discount.




Mellow Yellow Woman's Day-4Do you remember the bag from Mellow Yellow Woman’s Day?

The the handbag doctor has now expanded the BAULETTO collection to include autumn colours.

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