Pilot CRU of One: Amelia Earhart   HOT !

CRU of one: Amelia Earhart

Dear Secret Agents,

Remember the extraordinary Pilot CRU of One: Amelia Earhart? The first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic and the first pilot to fly both the Atlantic and Pacific? She mysteriously disappeared in 1937 flying across the Pacific Ocean?

Well, many theories emerged after her mysterious disappearance. Did she become a nurse? A Japanese spy Tokyo Rose? Or did she land in Gardner Island and tried to survive? Nobody knew, until today.

One theory that was never considered: could Earhart have landed in Brighton and kept a low profile? Remember Miss Fisher’s sudden appearance in Brighton? We didn’t know what she was after. We do now: Amelia Earhart.

Miss Fisher found Amelia hiding in a long corridor of a flat in a high-rise in Brighton, still in pilot gear and ready to fly.

Amelia Earhart (10 of 18)Amelia Earhart (14 of 18)

Miss Fisher found her when Amelia had accidentally forgotten her signature Tan Leather Backpack hanging outside the apartment door. Touching the backpack, Miss Fisher was 100% sure. You cannot find such quality leather and stitching today. The old-school handmade and personalised backpack belonged to Amelia Earhart, it had her hidden red zip at the bottom!

Amelia Earhart (5 of 18)Amelia Earhart (1 of 18)Amelia Earhart (6 of 18)

Realising she’d been found out, Earhart packed her backpack, did a quick salute which pretty much meant: Kiss my a*** – I’m off again!

Amelia Earhart (4 of 18)Amelia Earhart (8 of 18)Amelia Earhart (7 of 18)

She then flew off the balcony. CRU of one, as usual!

Amelia Earhart (18 of 18)

Her bag was found hanging on the Brighton Bandstand rail, undoubtedly a catch-me-if-you-can message for Miss Fisher. It was brand new but empty. It’s a copy, not the real one. Rumours have started again. Some say they have spotted Amelia’s backpack in Portugal and that she now goes by the name of Old Nicol. But then, there were 9 conspiracy theories before and none proved to be true. Nothing left to do but to salute Earhart back. At least she flies in style. Viva La Colour Revolution!

Amelia Earhart (17 of 18)Amelia Earhart (16 of 18)

CRU logoPilot CRU is spelled Pilot CREW, I know but just couldn’t help it!

This blog post is a collaboration with CRU LONDON, a new brand founded by two Londoners Tiago & Petru who wanted to share their love for handmade quality leather goods. They discovered a small atelier in Portugal run by a family of three: Renato, Lena and Dina. Renato does the leather cutting, Lena the stitching and Dina the stamping and hardware fitting. As for the rich vegetable tanned leather, this makes its way over from just down the road. Just like in the good old days!

CRU logoI discovered CRU London at Pure London and their leather caught my eye. It is of such quality that you don’t care whether people are looking, you are going to get your nose in there and smell it. Like a pervert. Lucky they’re not knickers! I picked the Old Nicol Backpack featured above because I loved the subtle red zip at the bottom. Yes, it has a function. It makes the backpack bigger when unzipped…but honestly… I’d love it just the same even if it was a vanity detail! As if that detail wasn’t enough, the lining inside is suede (another pervert smelling moment) and the straps are adjustable. Having a petite torso, I can only say – thank you very much!

Leather quality is guaranteed, so go check out their collection and find something for your style. Appleby Bucket Bag is another favourite of mine. Which one is yours?

spat-boots-570x570Spat boots I am wearing above are from the After the Rain collection by Preston Zly & will be featured in the next blog post, in a completely different style. Very excited. Stay tuned, sign up for newsletter below! If you can’t wait and need to have them now – don’t forget to enter code TRU2015 and claim your secret agent discount.



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