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Agent Sonia Delaunay

Dear Secret Agents,

Secret missions of Agent Sonia Delaunay have been well guarded for many years. Recent disclosure by an exhibit at Tate Modern in London may have somewhat exposed our older colourful missions, but we assure you that despite this disclosure, our future missions have not been jeopardised.

Agent Sonia Delaunay was the avant-garde queen of colourful wearable art who frequented night clubs dressed in colour and ready to tango. She was a true warrior of our Colour Revolution. Agent Sonia Delaunay was also an avid supporter of gay rights. In 1908, this meant marrying a gay man to free him from social expectations. It is, therefore, no surprise that Sonia Delaunay sandals have sprung up in no other place but Brighton, the gay capital of the UK. An unknown secret agent wearing Sonia Delaunay sandals has been spotted at the Brighton Bandstand pretending to be stretching and enjoying the view last weekend. What she was really doing was guarding the Brighton Pride Parade.

Agent Sonia DelaunayAgent Sonia Delaunay-4

It was this secret agent that alerted the authorities of the suspicious package at the Bandstand thus making sure our colourful secret agents on the Brighton Parade were safe to continue the march. Marched they did – in rainbow colours!

Brighton PrideBrighton Pride-2 Brighton Pride-7

In addition, our secret agent Lady in Red mobilised a whole bus of red secret agents to join in this mission and also installed surveillance cameras in the shape of Red Shoes to monitor any suspicious activity.

Brighton Pride-5Brighton Pride-6

This secret mission was a an absolute success and we were indeed very proud on the 25th anniversary of the Brighton Pride Parade. Nothing left but enjoy the gorgeous details of Sonia Delaunay inspired sandals in Brighton sunshine. Oh yes, feet up please! Viva La Colour Revolution! Rainbow Colours to the People!

Agent Sonia Delaunay-70045a26a-06c8-4193-bb97-4e5b72dfb484-2060x1953Agent Sonia Delaunay-3

logoThis post is a collaboration with the Australian design house PRESTON ZLY. Sonia sandal featured above comes from their TOWARDS WEARABLE ABSTRACTION collection and is a tribute to the paintings and textiles of artist Sonia Delauney.  The shoe expounds sexy dynamism in its vibrant coloured stripes giving an almost op art effect.  It’s the modern retro shoe to kick on in chilled out glamour. The best of it all, it’s a block heel you won’t feel!

The bag is by Flamindigo previously featured in blog posts: Mellow Yellow and Doctor Bag.

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Brighton Pride Parade was indeed diverted due to a suspicious package on the Bandstand and the route went through the city instead of along the seafront.

The Sonia Delaunay exhibition at Tate Modern in London is on until 9th of August 2015. It is a must see for lovers of colourful wearable art.

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