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Dear Secret Agents,

Up in Las Vegas early in the morning? Hmmm…what are the odds really? Maybe you never went to sleep high on winning or losing Vegas adrenaline? – Let’s say, hypothetically, you are up, ok? Well then, there’s a secret mission you shouldn’t miss. A Venetian gypsy goddess by the name of Bohemian Bunnie is up and about at 6am strolling in between the marble arches of the Venetian Hotel, spreading her glorious morning shades of colour. It’s dead easy to spot her. A beautiful redhead, wavy hair, a real Boho Chick, she dances around barefoot spreading the colours of her universe. If she’s not dancing, she’s playing her violin, her notes hypnotising passers-by. On the morning I was there, she was wearing a Mini Laced Red Dress, trotting in her exquisite shades of red. She moved with the morning light, which touching her fingertips, turned into a colourful shade. She’s not merely a secret agent, she’s an Angel of the Colour Revolution. I bowed!

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (3 of 5)

Upon reaching the other side of the Marble Venetian Porch, she stopped and stared at the sunlight. Like she’s playing a dare game with the sun.

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (1 of 5)

Then she drifted away in her secret land of Bohemian Fairies, oblivious to the tourists waking up from their drunken shenanigans.

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (4 of 5)

If you dare come close enough, you’re in for a treat. She’ll hang those big eyes on your heart, like you were the first and the last thing on her mind. I say, let the Boho Red Heads rule the world! Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (5 of 5)

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Free People Dress / Headpiece Pink Paisleys Jewellery. More photos on the Bohemian Bunnie blog.

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