70s Street Style   HOT !

70s Street Style

Dear Secret Agents,

It’s back to the 70s Street Style this spring! Bring on the flared jeans. Bring on the ultra wavy hair. Secret agents living in Brighton (UK) or anywhere near the coast will be the most sought after for the 70s Street Style mission. Because they will need less time to spring into action. They’ll just wash their hair and face the wind. Voila! Flared and Dared!

To get into the real 70s style spirit, I went digging into archives and found snapshots of one of our top secret agents of that time. Her name was Kiki Miyas and she was stationed in Germany. Kiki Miyas did most of her secret meetings in the parks. She liked the green of it. Her signature look was flared jeans with Bluse mit Rosenmuster and platform Kiki Heels. Kiki Miyas style was understated but her powers were extraordinary. She could:

1) Bend iron bars and fences

2) Freeze like a tree for days

3) Bow the knee (only figuratively!) to bend the pathway

4) Start a wind to blow he hair whenever she pleased!

Viva La Kiki Miyas! Viva La Colour Revolution!

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This post is a collaboration with the a German emerging clothes designer Miyas and the Australian shoe design house PRESTON ZLY.

logoPreston Zly artisan duo Johanna Preston and Petr Zly design and produce exclusive hand-made footwear. Preston Zly shoes are designed for sustainable longevity, using natural materials such as leather and wood allows them to be re-soled and buffed to almost new condition by an experienced professional. Kiki is a limited edition from the Towards Wearable Abstraction collection – a must see! This shoe is extremely versatile and very comfortable, like most of their shoes. It was previously featured in Be My Valentine and Doctor Bag.


Miya_logo-ohne-claim Miyas puts emphasis on quality materials and tailoring. The designer mixes modern cutting techniques with vintage 50s pretty prints and a bit of 60s rebellion. This is definitively a brand for a fashion conscious woman who loves pretty vintage florals but does not want to wear polyester. The quality of the cotton used in the Bluse Mit Rosenmuster is absolutely great and the cut is flattering, feminine yet very comfortable. If you like the sound of it all, check out their shirt collection.




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