Two Tone Mixed Prints

Dear Secret Agents,

It’s #ThrowBackThurdsday so let’s throw some two tone prints all over ourselves and mix the hell out of them. Leopard print, geometric print, anything print will do – just repeat the colours in your accessories and they’ll get along just fine! If it get’s too much, just stare at a white wall for a minute and all is good.

The secret to this mission are those eye catching Two Tone Ankle Boots, mine are casually unique known as Two Tone Marlene, like Marlene Dietrich but with a 21st century urban kick. Speaking of Marlene, here’s her two cents on style:

“I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.”

Viva La Marlene! The last century’s Man Repeller!

Two Tone Mixed PrintsTwo Tone Mixed Prints-2 Two Tone Mixed Prints-3 Two Tone Mixed Prints-5 Two Tone Mixed Prints-6



This post is a collaboration with the Australian PRESTON ZLY shoe design house. Two Tone Marlene boots come from their Vintage Collection which I highly encourage you to look through.

We love looking back at the footwear of the past – this brings a kind of romance to what we do – it provides people with something recognizable and yet when we re-interpret or bring these elements to our creations we turn this traditional past on its head,” – shoe designer Johanna Preston said.

Bloody Blue Monday

Dear Secret Agent,

As you are already suffering from January Blues today strides in the special Blue Monday and even the air around us turns cold and blue. You can mellow and weep (if you really must!) but it will take more than tears to beat these extraordinary Monday Blues. Instead of mellow, I say yellow. Yes, yellow tights, yellow beads, yellow anything you can find – just put some sunshine on you. Then add some military or even better some flight attendant serious attitude: a leather mini skirt would do, an animal print top too, and a handmade top hat as cherry on top (mine is by Lizzie Lock). Well then, hit click and change that channel and tell Blue Monday to fuck off. Quite literally!

You think Winter Blues can shake me? I’ll bloody rip Blue Monday apart in my cracking ripped limited edition APHRA PRESTON ZLY boot. After all, they carry the name of the English dramatist Aphra Behn and that 19th century Restoration libertine kick. You have not seen such ripped boots before? Well my dearest secret agents, in the words of Aphra Behn: “Variety is the soul of pleasure.” Viva La Colour Revolution! Variety to the People!

Blue Monday Blue Monday 2 Blue Monday 3 Blue Monday 5



This post is a collaboration with the Australian PRESTON ZLY shoe design house. I came across their shoes on Instagram and was completely taken by the Vintage Collection which I highly encourage you to look through.

We love looking back at the footwear of the past – this brings a kind of romance to what we do – it provides people with something recognizable and yet when we re-interpret or bring these elements to our creations we turn this traditional past on its head,” – shoe designer Johanna Preston told me.

How to Beat the January Blues

Dear Secret Agents,

So you’re feeling a bit blue this January? Every magazine is telling you How to Beat the January Blues. Exercise (although your belly can’t take it), plan a holiday (although post-Christmas you can’t really afford it) and get out and spend time with your friends (who are also down, are measuring their belly and are broke too). I say ditch all of that and grab the January Blues by the balls. WEAR BLUE. Start with your fashion accessories, like my statement piece Romanian Lace necklace and work your way around it with different shades of blue. That’s what Secret Agents are doing these days. Viva La Bleu. Viva La Colour Revolution.

January BluesJanuary Blues-2 January Blues-5January Blues-4


This blog post is a collaboration with Australian  fashion illustrator and accessories designer Lorena Balea-Raitz. She creates beautiful Romanian Point Lace accessories using an old lace-making technique to create one of a kind wearable art jewellery. You can browse her Etsy shop for similar lace necklaces like the one above and check our her blog.


The Edge of the Red Wedge

Dear Secret Agents,

Sadly, January is the black outfit month. After indulging in holiday delights extra stomach folds appear unannounced and I hear that the temptation to wear all black is unbeatable. This being a massive threat to our Tru’ Revolution, we are sending out our top secret agents to deliver colourful shoes. Yes, get those colours to the people! Viva La Colour Revolution!

You can spot our agents in red and white Santa colours, wearing PRESTON ZLY Red Wedge Shoes knocking on Red Doors. If you’re not at home at the time, our secret agent Santa will sit in front of the door and wait for you because this delivery is strictly personalised and the details in those shoes carry sensitive messages that can only be discussed in person. So, no matter how late you’ll make it home, Secret Agent will there, waiting. Don’t worry, the Edge of the Red Wedge Shoe will keep them amused!

Edge of the Wedge-5Edge of the Wedge-4Edge of the Wedge-7Edge of the Wedge-3Edge of the Wedge-2Edge of the Wedge-8



This post is a collaboration with the Australian PRESTON ZLY shoe design house. I came across their shoes on Instagram and was completely taken by the Vintage Collection which I highly encourage you to look through.

We love looking back at the footwear of the past – this brings a kind of romance to what we do – it provides people with something recognizable and yet when we re-interpret or bring these elements to our creations we turn this traditional past on its head,” – shoe designer Johanna Preston told me.

Apart from visible edgy quirks like the long leather straps on Red Wedges above, all of their shoes play with hidden details such as stitching on the underside of the shoe and other details that are meant for the wearer only. That’s why our Santa deliveries above are strictly personalised. Stay tuned for more on the details in the coming blogs.


Longing for Dr. Zhivago 2

Dear Secret Agents,

I welcomed 2015 by watching the 1965 Doctor Zhivago film with my Secret Agent Sister in Geneva. There’s nothing like a good old film in the background as we munch away Christmas food leftovers well into the New Year, right? As my belly was about to pop from all the fondue we’d eaten, I felt heavy with sadness. I was told it’s the fondue but I knew deep down that something else was the matter. Why did Dr. Zhivago die? A trick, surely? So, I mobilised a few senior agents of the Tru’ Revolution and lo and behold Dr. Zhivago is as alive and as handsome as ever.

‘Wear the yellow colour of Doctor Zhivago Daffodils Spring Scene this winter and he would come to you’ – I was told. So I camouflaged myself as Lara Zhivago and stood at the porch, waiting…has anyone seen him yet?

Glittery Yellow 1Glittery Yellow 2Pangea (1 of 1)-2 Sparkly Yellow (1 of 1)-3

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Calvin Klein Faux Fur Coat | Vivienne Westwood Anglomania pumps | Anthropologie dress & belt | Vintage: Faux Fur hat, Embellished Clutch and grey pearls

Christmas colours

Dear Secret Agents,

It’s Christmas! Leave behind those black christmas dresses and get colourful, from the bottom up. Or the other way around, like me. Chose the hair colour first (oh yes cherry red!) and then match shoes and belt. Beware: Fashion Police will try to infiltrate our ranks by wearing red and green, the official Christmas colours. Think twice before you exchange secrets with Santas, they may be fake! Remember, the real Secret Agents will wear other colours!

So, jump with joy! Viva La Christmas and Viva La Colour Revolution!

p.s. Don’t forget to add a bit of sparkle in your tree and accessories! It’s Christmas after all!

Red Bob Hair-5Red Bob Hair-4Red Bob Hair-2Red Bob HairRed Bob Hair-3

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Haircut & Colour by Avalon Hair | ASOS Jacket | Rockport Boots | Massimo Dutti belt | Vintage skirt | Anthropologie clutch | Hose tights

Tru’ Winter Pastels

Dear Secret Agents,

The temperatures have dropped, hats and scarves have come out and sadly colours have gone dark. Hmmm, do dark colour keep us warm? – Nope! So why do we go all doom and gloom when it comes to winter colours?

This Secret Agents decided to enjoy the Festive Season in the glory of Winter Pastels. I started with Dabliu Snakeskin Nude Shoe Boots and worked my way up.

And what if the whole world around me is wearing black? Well, I shot the world today! Quite literally! Bang-bang! Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People this Winter!

Tru Winter Pastel-2Tru Winter Pastel-6Tru Winter Pastel-7Tru Winter Pastel-5Tru Winter Pastel-3Tru Winter Pastel

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: W Dabliu Shoes | Botkier Satchel | French Connection Coat | OASIS dress

Black Friday Madness

Dear Secret Agents,

It is very clear by now that we live in an oppressive society ruled by the Fashion Police. Even our shopping moments are marked by an adjective Black. Black Friday? No! I’ll have a White Friday – thank you very much! Secret Agent went on a mission. I put on the off white cream Lulu Guiness Miami Sweat Shirt from Uniqlo and her vintage print car took over! It made me go Bang Bang! Down with Black Friday! Viva La White Friday!


Black Friday Frenzy-7Black Friday Frenzy-4 Black Friday Frenzy-5Black Friday Frenzy-3Black Friday Frenzy-2Black Friday Frenzy


SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Lulu Guiness top | Pour La Victoire Bag | French Connection Coat | Zara trousers | Rockport boots

Colours at Brighton Fashion Week

Dear Secret Agents,

I’m delighted to report that Brighton Fashion Week was full of Tru’ Revolution agents, working undercover as designers to bring Colourful Outfits to the People. Their goal was to infiltrate the Brighton Fashion Week and bring as much colour as possible to the catwalk.

The most determined secret agents were those camouflaged in emerging designer Minnan Hui couture. They marched ahead flamboyantly as though thousands were shouting: Viva La Colour Revolution!

Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 1 Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 2 Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 3Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 6

I caught up with one of our secret agents backstage before the show. Below is her silent salute: Viva La Colour Revolution!

Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 4

Another successful mission was the prohibition style Firebird collection by senior agent Sarina Poppy showcased through a ballet composed back in 1910. Secret Agents brightened the show with Roaring Twenties flapper red and orange tassels and colours. Viva La Colour Revolution!

Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 1 Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 2Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 2Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 4

Even the dancers were undercover Secret Agents making sure the Tru’ Revolution mission is a smooth and successful one. I caught up with them backstage before the show. Their silent greeting below in beautiful head-pieces by Lizzie Lock Millinery. Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Brighton Fashion Week Sarina Poppy 5


To Be or To BeWitched?

Dear Secret Agents,

Last week we took to the driveway to express our right To Be Bright this Autumn. As a collective, we demanded that all Secret Agents continue to wear colour this fall. But our demands were met with yet more All Black Fall Outfits from the fashionistas around the globe.

Today, we took the protest to the street. Following the Halloween spirit this week, Modern Day Witches joined our Tru’ Revolution taking to the streets, one by one. Witches turned their broomsticks into banner holders. United, these Halloween Witches demanded: To Be or To BeWitched?!

First to take to the street was the Red Floral Dress Witch in a Cropped Leather Jacket.

To Be or To Bewitched 1

She was soon joined by the Leopard and Plaid Witch & the Floral Full Skirt Witch – both wearing comfy & stylish Green Gema Brogues.

To Be or To Bewitched 2To Be or To Bewitched 3

All three asked one question: To Be Colourful or To BeWitched this Halloween?

To Be or To Bewitched 4

Then the Leopard Print and Tartan Witch joined the protest. This real animal wearing Pointy Red Heels gave out one choice: Be in Mixed Prints or BeWitched!

To Be or To Bewitched 5

Rumours say she carries poisonous blood at the tip of her Duque shoes. Hence the choice of oxblood colour!

To Be or To Bewitched 6

Ladies & Gents, the Witches have spoken: To Be Colourful or To BeWitched, the choice is all yours.

To Be or To Bewitched 7

Witches will continue their mission until Colour is the new Black. Viva La Colour Revolution! Mixed Prints and Colours to the People!

To Be or To Bewitched 8



This post is a collaboration with TO BE shoes, a new Spanish shoe brand coming out of the well known Rebeca Sanver designer house.

The Autumn Winter TO BE shoes collection was sent to me for editorial consideration and I fell in love with Gema and Duque featured above!

The banners above are shoe boxes that came with the shoes :)

Voila, explore their Autumn Winter 2014 collection for your TO BE shoes.

To Be or Not to Be Bright?

Dear Secret Agents,

Our Tru’ Revolution is in crisis when it come to autumn outfits. A Hamletian TO BE or NOT TO BE bright this fall dilemma is lingering in the heads of many Secret Agents. Everything we have worked for can be jeopardised because everyone is turning to dark autumn colours. More so on a rainy day, here in the UK. But we shall not give in. The summer may be over but the bright outfits shall continue. In the Words of Susie Bubble: I doth protest!

Inspired by the Chanel void march, I took to the driveway to tell the world that in the TO BE OR NOT TO BE battle, I am determined – TO BE. TO BE BRIGHT this autumn.


I was alone at first, but soon after I saw two pairs of colourful shoes at the fence, monitoring the situation.


After explaining to them my choice TO BE colourful this fall, they jumped the fence and joined me in the driveway. The green sparkly brogues called Gema, declared their support for my protest by offering to be in the feet of funky and artsy women. The burgundy red pointy courts called Duque, said they were there to support working women who want to add colour and edge to their work outfit.


Soon after the shoes, other Secret Agents joined my protest. As a collective, we now demand that all Secret Agents continue to wear colour this fall.

If our demands are not met, we will take our protest to the street next week! Viva La Colour Revolution! TO BE Rights to the People!

TO BE SHOES Montage1



This post is a collaboration with TO BE shoes, a new Spanish shoe brand coming out of the well known Rebeca Sanver designer house.

The Autumn Winter TO BE shoes collection was sent to me for editorial consideration and I fell in love with Gema and Duque featured above!

The banners above are shoe box lids – yes the very lids that came with the shoes :)

Voila, explore their Autumn Winter 2014 collection for your TO BE shoes.


Bonnie and Clyde

Dear Secret Agents,

Bonnie and Clyde are alive and kicking. They both pledged their full fledge allegiance to the Tru’ Revolution and offered to take down any members of the Fashion Police that are advising people to wear black. Scared of what they would do to them, I kindly refused. But I am bringing their message to you.

Bonnie said she will be the Tru’ Revolution Watchdog, starting immediately.

Bonnie & Clyde (3 of 8)

Clyde said he’ll be ready and steady to chase the Wicked Witch of the East in his Custom Bobber Honda Shadow. Anything for the Tru’ Revolution, he said, Lucky 13 hanging on the side of his bike. With men like him you really don’t ask, what does 13 mean?

Bonnie & Clyde (1 of 8)

Together, Bonnie & Clyde were a real team. Not much was said but a lot was done.

Bonnie & Clyde (4 of 8)

The word on the street tells us Clyde is the mastermind, and Bonnie follows along for the love of him. But something in Bonnie’s eyes tells me this calculation is not quite right.

Bonnie & Clyde (2 of 8)

It looked like she’s pretty much in charge? Wouldn’t you agree?

Bonnie & Clyde (5 of 8)

It was only when they played together that Bonnie would melt a little, spilling her heart out through a song.

Bonnie & Clyde (7 of 8)

This is when it was Clyde’s time to be in charge. Bonnie would back every move of his. He knew this.

Bonnie & Clyde (6 of 8)

But it wouldn’t last long. Bonnie’s devilish eyes would perk up soon enough. There will be trouble they’d say. And you know it would. Viva La Colour Revolution! Bonnie and Clyde to the People!

Bonnie & Clyde (8 of 8)

Thanks to the fantastic singer and composer Lara Bello and talented artist Emanuel Gjokaj for this fantastic role-play!

BONNIE ‘S CAMOUFLAGE: Tobi Green Jumpsuit | Vintage shoes from Buffalo Exchange | Make up by Meg Kashimura

CLYDE’S CAMOUFLAGE: Martin and Osa Jeans | To Boot New York boots | JCrew T-shirt

Chess Mate?

Dear Secret Agents,

Our Tru’ Revolution has been infiltrated by men and women in black again. As our Tinker Tailor Soldier Spies would say: ‘There is a mole, right at the top of the circus.’ We have no choice but to find the mole and win this game. No secret mission is ever complete without a chess puzzle to solve. So, I had to fly to Geneva to throw a game at the Bastions Park’s life size chess board. It was a very long and lonesome game. I’d make my move in the morning, a fellow agent would respond the morning after. To avoid any suspicion, I was camouflaged in a housewife retro outfit, including the bandana!

The clue was in the Pawns. They may seem powerless but these foot soldiers can go far. Never overlook the passion of the powerless.

Check Mate 3

It got me thinking. Maybe the mole was not right at the top of the Circus? After all, those on the top of the fashion industry always parade in the best colours and shapes. They can afford to. It’s rather us, everyday men and women that are bombarded with darker outfits. I ask why?

Check Mate 1

Dear friends, I urge you to seriously rethink the colour of your style. Not everything is black and white, but between the two, pick white. You know what they say, once you go black, you never go back. Give colours a chance!

Check Mate 4

Remember, we’re in to win this game, so in between your chess moves, keep practicing the Chess Mate twirl.

Discovered Check (2 of 7)

The game continues. The clue is inside the checkered clutch, at the Bastion Park. Check it out. Vivla La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Discovered Check (1 of 1)-2

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Clutch from a charity shop in Brighton, no brand | Ellos Checkered Red Dress | Asos Checkered Belt | Marc Jacobs Silver Clogs | Warby Parker Glasses | Oh Honey Hush Bandana.



A Barefoot Venetian Goddess

Dear Secret Agents,

Up in Las Vegas early in the morning? Hmmm…what are the odds really? Maybe you never went to sleep high on winning or losing Vegas adrenaline? – Let’s say, hypothetically, you are up, ok? Well then, there’s a secret mission you shouldn’t miss. A Venetian gypsy goddess by the name of Bohemian Bunnie is up and about at 6am strolling in between the marble arches of the Venetian Hotel, spreading her glorious morning shades of colour. It’s dead easy to spot her. A beautiful redhead, wavy hair, a real Boho Chick, she dances around barefoot spreading the colours of her universe. If she’s not dancing, she’s playing her violin, her notes hypnotising passers-by. On the morning I was there, she was wearing a Mini Laced Red Dress, trotting in her exquisite shades of red. She moved with the morning light, which touching her fingertips, turned into a colourful shade. She’s not merely a secret agent, she’s an Angel of the Colour Revolution. I bowed!

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (3 of 5)

Upon reaching the other side of the Marble Venetian Porch, she stopped and stared at the sunlight. Like she’s playing a dare game with the sun.

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (1 of 5)

Then she drifted away in her secret land of Bohemian Fairies, oblivious to the tourists waking up from their drunken shenanigans.

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (4 of 5)

If you dare come close enough, you’re in for a treat. She’ll hang those big eyes on your heart, like you were the first and the last thing on her mind. I say, let the Boho Red Heads rule the world! Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (5 of 5)

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Free People Dress / Headpiece Pink Paisleys Jewellery. More photos on the Bohemian Bunnie blog.

Stranded at the Ghost Hotel

Dear Secret Agents,

In my most recent mission, I was sent to Yosemite National Park. I was staying at the historic Hotel Jeffery, known for its paranormal activity. Yes, it’s a ghost hotel but that meant nothing to me. Never saw one, never believed in one. So I sat in the lobby, waiting for my ride. For that particular night, I was an undercover jazz singer at one of the gold-rush towns nearby. A fellow secret agent was to accompany me as my husband.

The Ghost Hotel Mission (1 of 4)

When the other agent was late picking me up, I phoned the base to get an update on the mission. I was told he had disappeared en route to meet me. Something fishy was going on.

The Ghost Hotel Mission (3 of 4)

Then a saw a white light walking towards me. I was petrified. There she was, an old woman with screaming blue eyes, white as a ghost.

The Ghost Hotel Mission (2 of 4)

A ghost, actually!! She ordered me to get off the phone and sit on the couch. Noiseless, I did – mouth still open. What happened next will stay there. Needless to say, I left a pee mark on that burgundy couch. Viva Tru Revolution!

The Ghost Hotel Mission (4 of 4)

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Vintage Silk Dress | Missoni Sunglasses | Rebeca Sanver Mules | Sephora lipstic.

A Red Dress Will Save Your Life

Dear Secret Agents, I was driving through Nevada with another secret agent en route to Las Vegas, when I realised he was a double agent. Got rid of him and the car. Mission towards Las Vegas continued on foot, wearing a red dress with only my wash bag in hand. Rules of the desert are as follows:

1) Don’t stop because you’ll faint

2) Wear a bright red dress to be visible from afar or else the trucks will run you over

3) Wear comfy heels

4) Give in to hitchhike or you’ll die of thurst

Viva La Colour Revolution!

The Dessert Walk (5 of 6)The Dessert Walk (2 of 6)The Dessert Walk (3 of 6)The Dessert Walk (6 of 6)The Dessert Walk (4 of 6)

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: Vintage Red Dress | Ollie & Nic Polka Dot Wash Bag | Kork-Ease Nude Sandals

Napa Wine Train Mission

Dear Secret Agents,

Our spying missions reported that members of the Fashion Police will be gathering at the Vintage Wine Train in Napa Valley. I wasted no time! Got my best vintage attire, and sabotaged the ride, champagne in hand.

Napa Train Ride 1

When nobody was looking, I fiddled with the brakes. A matter of seconds. Then of course I notified our double agent on the train. Mission completed.

Napa Train Ride 2 Napa Train Ride 3

I boarded the train and ordered my second drink. After a couple of drinks, I was really enjoying the view while in motion!

Napa Train Ride 4 Napa Train Ride 5Napa Train Ride 6

But train brakes will fail soon, I knew that. A clear salute sign was sent to the agents on the ground and I jumped off the train that was in trouble. Viva Tru’ Revolution!

Napa Train Ride 7 Napa Train Ride 8

SECRET AGENT CAMOUFLAGE: All vintage but the Office Shoes also featured on The Roaring Twenties Mission.

The Chicago Blues

Dear Secret Agents,

You’ve heard about the Chicago Blues right? While the mainstream associate it with the music, us Secret Agents think outside the box. Always. When visiting Chicago, we dress in blue. A distinguishable, comfortable and multipurpose blue. Finding the right camouflage is often tricky. First and foremost, it should be very urban and light. You’ll be on the go, from a train to a taxi to waterfalls. Yes, you heard me right, waterfalls.

The camouflage tips as follows: A floaty blue summer Blue Dress, cotton or linen. Jelly shoes. No big jewellery. A sturdy leather cross-body bag, not too big. No camera, iPhone images will do.

The Chicago Mission (9 of 9)

To test it, jump at full speed and spread your legs. If that feels comfortable, you’re ready for the mission.

The Chicago Mission (5 of 9)

Regardless of how comfortable your camouflage is, secret missions are a sometimes dangerously uncomfortable. Especially when you’re standing on glass, looking 103 floors down. That’s Chicago SkyDeck for you.

The Chicago Mission (6 of 9)

But in no time, you’ll forget about fear because you’re deeply engaged in your spying mission. Taking notes who, what, wearing black?

The Chicago Mission (8 of 9)

When back on the ground level, a second test awaits you. In Chicago, secret messages are distributed through the Millennium Park Waterfalls. So you gotta get in there.

The Chicago Mission (1 of 2)

And you gotta get wet. This is why jelly shoes are your best friend. Don’t forget to leave the leather bag behind.

The Chicago Mission (2 of 2)

Unfortunately, you won’t receive the secret code until you’re completely drenched, head to toe.

The Chicago Mission (1 of 9)

Once your mission is complete, good luck walking back to your hotel as passersby stare at your wet nipples. Cause they will. That’s what we Secret Agents call ‘The Chicago Blues’. You can’t really hop on a taxi, can you? Enjoy your walk of shame. All for a good cause. Viva La Colour Revolution! Chicago Blues to the People!

The Chicago Mission (2 of 9)

THE CHICAGO BLUES CAMOUFLAGE: Urban Outfitters dress | The Leather Satchel bag |  Vintage Dona Jelly Woven flat 




The Silver Selfie

Dear Secret Agents,

Last week I visited the headquarters of the Tru’ Revolution in Chicago: the Cloud Gate which Fashion Police call The Bean. Because of the sensitive nature of this mission, I’m afraid details will be kept to the minimum but below is what I can share without jeopardising our security.

When visiting the Cloud Gate, you should be in silver attire, including your shoes. Due to the crowds, that’s the only way agents within the Cloud Gate can spot you. Yes, there are secret agents living permanently inside the Cloud Gate. To get connected to them, press your hand against the surface of Cloud Gate and hold for 90 seconds for them to scan your fingerprints and verify your identity. Your nails should be painted in different colours and they should match your lipstick and necklace colours. Next, you also press your silver shoe against the Cloud Gate too, so they can verify your secret agent code imprinted on the sole.

The Silver Bean Mission (2 of 6)

In case of doubt, they will ask you to face your clutch forward for a scan too to make sure the silver bow matches the silver in the shoes.

The Silver Bean Mission (3 of 6)

When your identity is fully verified, you will receive a message on your phone. It will contain an image of the Fashion Police that is your next target.

The Silver Bean Mission (6 of 6)

The target is usually circlulating around the Cloud Gate trying to intercept our communication lines. Your task will be to capture them on camera while pretending to snap selfies.

The Silver Bean Mission (5 of 6)

If there is any risk of the Fashion Police inflitration, you’ll get a message from agents inside the Cloud Gate in the form of a photo. Remember, the hidden message that needs deciphering is in the clouds. It’s called the Cloud Gate for a reason.

The Silver Secret Mission (1 of 6)

GET THE SILVER SELFI LOOK: Marc Jacobs Silver Clogs | Marc Jacobs Sunglasses | Eva Franco Silver Cocktail Dress |  Anthropologie Silver Bow Clutch & iPhone cover | OPI nail polish |


The Dreamy Mermaid Parade 1

Dear Secret Agents,

The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island is not really a battle Secret Agents of the Tru’ Revolution try to win. It’s ours to start with. We attend just for kicks! Agents from everywhere show up camouflaged in colourful mermaids, beautifully blinding colours everywhere! It is a delightful reunion. Tru’ Lavina, of course, opened the parade with a ‘We’re on the Roll’ salute!

The Mermaid Parade (1 of 1)

Secret Agents in Colourful Hairstyles strolled the Parade full of pride! First to come through was the Femme Fatale Redhead. She was loud and proud!

The Mermaid Parade (5 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (20 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (19 of 34)

Other secret agents in colourful wigs followed. Having a wig is more important than having pants on. Blue, pink, purple, yellow, and a young mesmerising Brigitte Bardot in neon green.

The Mermaid Parade (18 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (33 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (17 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (23 of 34)

While wigs were mandatory, pants were not. Some wore only underwear, some had none. Little it mattered, as long as there were sparkles!

The Mermaid Parade (27 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (34 of 34)\

After the wigs came the artists in elaborate mermaid camouflages.

The Mermaid Parade (3 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (6 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (24 of 34)

As for food, there was plenty. But who wants to eat when the hot Sailors in Stripes are passing you by?

The Mermaid Parade (29 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (4 of 34)

Fashion Police showed up wearing their usual black. You could see them fiddling with frequency radios trying to intercept Secret Agent conversations. The Fashion Police Anna Wintour was there, walking around straight-faced.

The Mermaid Parade (30 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (12 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (13 of 34)

I was surprised to see two leaders of the Fashion Police at the Parade. Check out their glamour! They usually operate from their base, but I guess they could not help to come spy on our Tru’ Revolution!

The Mermaid Parade (16 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (21 of 34)

Some members of the Fashion Police try to camouflage in colours. If they are wearing colourful masks, they are not Secret Agents. It’s a Fashion Police infiltrating tactic. But it never gets them very far!

The Mermaid Parade (7 of 34)

The happiest Secret Agents are the Pinup ones, with parrots and parasols. I must admit there was a delightful Pinup Fashion Police member. She looked so cute in those heart glasses. Almost a Secret Agent?

The Mermaid Parade (1 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (2 of 34)The Mermaid Parade (32 of 34)

Last but not least, we saw the future generations of Secret Agents. Young, but determined. Viva La Colour Revolution! Mermaids to the People!

The Mermaid Parade (28 of 34)

Photos by Jeta B Photography. All rights reserved!


Dear Secret Agents,
The New York Times Magazine has been spying on our last Roaring Twenties Mission. Agent Tru Lavina is featured with an odd name in the caption. Who is this Jeta Bejtullahu? Looks like the Fashion Police has infiltrated our revolution and is messing up with our identities! Stay Alert! Report to the base on any such suspicious developments!
Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People! 

Secret Agents or Fashion Police?

Dear Secret Agents,

There’s no denial that it was harder than ever to distinguish between Secret Agents and the Fashion Police at the Jazz Age Lawn Party this weekend, our biggest mission of the year. There were so many missions underway and way too many double agents. But, I’m ecstatic to declare that the mission was a success. Secret Agents of the Colour Revolution outnumbered the Fashion Police by far.

Viva La Colour Revolution! Down with the Fashion Police!

You were there and you didn’t know who is who? See tips below!

TIP 1: Secret Agents always wear vibrant colours.

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (25 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (1 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (3 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (8 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (24 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (8 of 11)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (9 of 11)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (7 of 11)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (20 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (15 of 25)

TIP 2: Fashion Police were mostly in black, or they were being in disguise by doing black and white.

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (10 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (4 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (3 of 11)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (2 of 11)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (16 of 25)


TIP 3: Secret Agents used parasols to send messages to each other and signal where to meet. Fashion Police used their mobile phones. Check out the guy below, he’s dressed in Tru’ Revolution colours, but we knew he’s a double agent. A true Secret Agent would not be using a phone.

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (14 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (1 of 1)-2Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (5 of 25)

TIP 4: If you saw mixed couples, women dressed in colour men in black and white, it was not a coincidence. Tru’ Revolution women have been seducing the Fashion Police men to extract valuable information. The men look happy, but what do they know? They are clearly taken for a ride!

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (6 of 11)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (21 of 25)

TIP 5: Secret Agents were always on a Tru’ Revolution Watchdog Mission, always telling each other where the Fashion Police is. We even had Child Secret Agent working on the day! Also they were mostly barefoot! Those high heels are a drag when you’re running around!

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (23 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (22 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (12 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (11 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (13 of 25)

TIP 6: As always, top Secret Agents have the best camouflage. They look like they are part of the establishment. Our own Mata Hari was in the lawn, mingling with the Fashion Police dressed in Safari or part of the singing band. Who would suspect that?

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (7 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (6 of 25)

TIP 7: Were there any double agents? You bet! You know the tintype stand where Fashion Police rushed in to be photographed? You thought it was part of the festival, right? It was our double agent collecting Fashion Police data in the form of emails and credit cards used to pay. Do you also remember the jazz singer? You thought she’s just entertaining you? Well check out for yourself how she was spying in between singing!

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (2 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (19 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (18 of 25)

TIP 8: Last but not least, our best double agents were celebrities. You can’t go wrong if you’re camouflaged as yourself, right? While Josh Lucas was charming a Fashion Police agent just to gather information, Bill Cunningham was clearly spying on Fashion Police through his lens. How do we know they’re Secret Agents? Josh is wearing pastel colours while Bill is wearing blue, as always. He is our hardcore secret agent that does not even change his colour for anything or anyone. Viva La Colour Revolution!

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (9 of 25)Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (11 of 11)


The Roaring Twenties Mission

Dear Secret Agents,

What a pleasure seeing so many of the Tru’ Revolution Secret Agents at the Jazz Age Lawn Party this weekend, our biggest mission of the year. As predicted, it was flooded with members of the Fashion Police trying to infiltrate our Colour Revolution. But Secret Agents came in flocks of colour, more determined than ever to exchange messages and keep the Tru’ Revolution alive. It was, indeed, just like the glorious roaring colourful twenties. Our veteran Secret Agents (now retired) joined forces and were instrumental in connecting Secret Agents with one another.

My mission was to find the car of the Fashion Police and cut their brakes. Agent Monique, one of our top Secret Agents, was my partner in crime. To avoid attention, we kept the camouflage in dreamy pastels. We look convincingly innocent, don’t we? Especially Agent Monique, with her angel-like dreamy look. Who would suspect?

Roaring Twenties (18 of 21)Roaring Twenties (17 of 21)Roaring Twenties (21 of 21)

But beyond the camouflage, I was on a spy duty at all times, watching while smoking, spying on Fashion Police through the St. Germain van window or from behind trees, my a Pink Parasol weapon always in hand.

Roaring Twenties (6 of 21)Roaring Twenties (1 of 1)-5Roaring Twenties (8 of 21)Roaring Twenties (7 of 21)

When the Fashion Police car was empty in the parking lot, I signalled Monique with my umbrella and it was action time. She kept guard while I messed up with the brakes. We were almost caught, but nothing a big fake tipsy giggle couldn’t solve. – “Oh silly we, this is not our car! We’re deeply sorry, Sir! One too many delicious St. Germain cocktails!

Roaring Twenties (1 of 1)Roaring Twenties (5 of 21)Roaring Twenties (4 of 21)

Later in the day, we saw the Fashion Police, trying to start up their car. It was amusing, and we made a Veteran Secret Agent proud with our work!

Roaring Twenties (16 of 21)Roaring Twenties (15 of 21)Roaring Twenties (12 of 21)

What joy! There was just enough time to sit on the lawn, sip a cocktail, mingle with other Secret Agents also camouflaged in pastel colours, and enjoy the swinging jazz tunes from DreamLand Orchestra in the background. La Vita e Bella!

Roaring Twenties (20 of 21)Roaring Twenties (10 of 21)Roaring Twenties (13 of 21) Roaring Twenties (11 of 21)

Last but certainly not least, what an intense pleasure looking back at the Fashion Police still trying to fix the car as the last ferry of the day left Governors Island. Mission accomplished! Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the people!

Roaring Twenties (2 of 21)Roaring Twenties (1 of 1)-2

GET THE CAMOUFLAGE: Fringe white tunic top from Blaque Label. Sequin blush pink from Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise. Underneath wearing a mini fringe skirt from H&M. Sequin shoes from the vintage series of Office Shoes UK with sparkle socks from UNQILO. Gloves are vintage from The Bargain District Shop. Pearls are a mix of vintage and new. Headband is DIY by the Secret Agent. Check out details of Monique’s look!

Bury Your Shoes Away

Dear Secret Agents,

The Wicked Witch of the East is still on the loose. Shoe snapping incidents have been reported all over New York. Sarah Jessica Parker is in tears, her whole SJP collection went missing. Agents, get ready for action. Do not risk losing your shoes. Get out on that backyard, yours or the neighbours, little it matters. Dig a hole underneath the patio. This undercover mission is a risky one. Be alert, constantly looking left, right and above your head. The Wicked Witch can smell the earth from afar and attack you in no time.

At sunset, get ready to bury all your colourful shoes. Wear a darker pair on your feet, not to attract attention. Accessorise your dress with black belt and petticoat. Keep it on the dark side of the colour spectrum, pretend you are with the Fashion Police. I started by burying them one by one, laying them nicely on the ground. Then I felt the wind becoming stronger. I could sense the witch was flying around, so I grabbed all the shoes at once and off they went, into the bloody hole. I put the joists back on top and stomped until they fell into place. My shoes will be safe underground.

NOTE: Do not to bury your clutch! Without the wallet and ID, you cannot prove your secret agent status to the neighbour. Trust me, he will be mad as a bull and demand an explanation for messing up his patio. I learned the hard way!

Good luck with your mission! Viva La Tru’ Revolution!

1 2 3 4 57812 9 10 11

GET THE LOOK: Dress & gloves are vintage. Sunglasses are Marc Jacobs. Pumps on feet are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. Platforms on hand are Kelsi Dagger. Clutch is from Anthropologie. Belt is Zara. Necklaces are from my street market missions in New York and London.

Tru’ Revolution Watchdog

Dear Secret Agents,

I’m excited to announce that we have now started a Tru’ Revolution Watchdog Mission to capture The Wicked Witch of the East and bring our Blue Shoes back. Our agents can be spotted in Colourful Outfits, Oversized Sunglasses, and Red Louis Vuitton Handbag patrolling 24/7 around the Four Freedoms Park in New York, where the Wicked Witch was last seen. Secret agents are helicoptered down on the ground, where they stroll around fashionably in their colourful clothes. When their shift is over, they signal by standing tall, feet apart, hands in pockets and the helicopter knows it’s time for a pick up and shift change.

Below are some moments of our last Watchdog Mission. If you are a blogger and want to brave a Tru’ Revolution Watchdog mission, get in touch.

Tru Watchdog (1 of 4) Tru Watchdog (2 of 4) Tru Watchdog (3 of 4) Tru Watchdog (4 of 4)

GET THE TRU’ WATCHDOG LOOK: Outfit tips from our secret agent on The Bargain District blog.

The Wicked Witch of the East

Dear Secret Agents,

I am distraught! The Blue Cobalt Shoes of our SuperWoman have gone missing! This brings us all at risk of being caught by the Fashion Police. Those Blue Shoes carry secret data about all past flying missions of the Colour Revolution around New York. To make matters worse, they have been seen in the hands of the Wicked Witch of the East, a notorious East Coast Fashion Police agent operating since the late 60s. She is identifiable by her midcentury vintage bridal outfit, and colourful shoes she has been snatching from our secret agents for years now. Her double agent talent is unprecedented. She has successfully infiltrated Tru’ Revolution several times in the past. Stolen colourful shoes are the source of her magic powers. I urge all of you to abandon all other missions and focus on this one. We have to find the Wicked Witch! We have to get hold of those Blue Shoes before she causes more damage to our revolution.

Below are tips how to identify the Wicked Witch of the East. Stay alert, focus on every detail, or else she will have you fooled!

TIP 1: The Wicked Witch of the East is always seen seated on a bench, looking like an old babushka, shawl wrapped around her shoulder. Don’t let her old lady camouflage fool you. Look how she sits high on the bench – always ready to fly away if a secret agent spots her.

The Wicked Witch of the East Collage 1

TIP 2: She’s always pretending she’s enjoying spring bloom while seamlessly slipping our Sergio Rossi Blue Cobalt Shoes into her bag. Look at her feet! She’s still wearing the neon green Stuart Wietzman shoes stole from our undercover secret agent The Bargain District!

The Wicked Witch of the East Collage 2

TIPS 3: She hangs around the Four Freedoms Park, always staying alert, looking out for the enemy.

The Wicked Witch of the East Collage 3

TIP 4: Look for a flying runaway bride. When the path is clear, the Wicked Witch of the East does what she does best: she flies screaming!

The Wicked Witch of the East (6 of 12)

TIP 5: When in doubt, focus on her face. Can’t you see the true madness? Agents, go get her!

The Wicked Witch of the East (4 of 12)

TIP 6: Do not be fooled by her ladylike manners. Remember, she is truly wicked!

The Wicked Witch of the East (1 of 12)

CALL FOR ACTION: She is walking away barefoot, keeping our shoes as hostage. Secret Agents unite! Let’s find and burn this wicked witch!

The Wicked Witch of the East (5 of 12)

GET THE WICKED LOOK: Shoes are Sergio Rossi, also worn here. Dress is vintage Gunne Sax – together with bag, hat & gloves available at the The Bargain District shop on 309 E9th Str, East Village, New York.

Photoshoot location: Four Freedoms Park, Roosevelt Island, New York

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Dear Secret Agents,

The Jazz Age Lawn Party is approaching. As you all know, secret agents from around the world gather at Governors Island every June for the biggest mission of the year. It’s our signature event. However, it is also flooded with members of the Fashion Police who try to camouflage themselves as secret agents. We have to do our best to stop them from infiltrating our revolution. Below are some tips on how to distinguish between the real secret agents and the Fashion Police who are there to sabotage our revolution.

The easiest to spot are Fashion Police secret agents wearing black. The best trained enemy agents out there, so be careful. Don’t let their friendly fashionista looks fool you. They are there to stop our Colour Revolution.

Jazz Age Mission Fshion Police1

The most dangerous are those in bright nude colours. Beware. They are with the Fashion Police, trying to camouflage themselves as revolutionaries. You can spot them by the half smile and the sharp look in their eyes. They are fake secret agents.

Jazz Age Mission Fashion Police

Always remember that Fashion Police often walk in pairs. You can spot them by their uniformity. They tend to stick together and look alike.

Jazz Age Mission Fashion Police2

Often, Fashion Police have mirrors in their hand. They are not obsessed with their looks. They’re watching us, from unexpected angles.

Jazz Age Mission (20 of 20)

Do not be fooled by their ‘we’re just a friendly couple’ attire. It’s all part of the Fashion Police camouflage. Ultimately, they’re there to kill our revolution.

Jazz Age Mission Fashion Police4

The real Colour Revolution secret agents are always wearing bright happy colours. Green, blue, purple, red, pink…any colour but black. You can spot them by the smile in their eyes. They are there for a higher cause!

Jazz Age Mission Secreat Agents

See you all at the Jazz Age Lawn Party. I shall be sending secret messages for you closer to time. Viva La Colour Revolution. Colour to the People!

All photos above are from the 2013 Jazz Age Party, courtesy of Jeta B Photography.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes

Dear Secret Agents,

I am ecstatic to announce that a SuperWoman with flying powers has joined our Colour Revolution. Her name is Monique Von BargainDistrict. Her mission is to fly around Manhattan camouflaged in nude skin colours, pretending to be a normal human being. But don’t let her nude colours fool you. While you’re taken aback by her graciousness, she is actively fighting on the battle front. You can spot her by the very distinct Sergio Rossi cobalt blue shoes which are the source of her flying powers. I had the honour of collaborating with her in one of her secret missions this weekend. She doesn’t just sit around waiting for the colour revolution to come to her doorstep. She is out there, flying around Manhattan Day-in, Day-out…spreading the seeds of her cobalt blue colour around New York City. She’s a true revolutionary, a Manhattanite superwoman in disguise. Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

It all starts at the Four Freedom Park in Roosevelt Island when she locates her Cobalt Blue Sergio Rossi shoes, left by the previous secret agent. The shoes are sitting crosslegged, on top of a rock.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-5

She takes the shoes and climbs on the rock. Someone is usually only a few feet away. But taken by the beauty of the New York Skyline, they fail to notice her. Like that man on the bench.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-10

Often tourists pass by, on a bike, hardly noticing her behind the bush as she flaps her skirt, getting ready to fly.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (2 of 2)

She flaps it once. She flaps it twice. Then a flock of secret agents disguised as seagulls fly over her. She signals with the shoes.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 2)

They signal back at her. The enemy is approaching. But are they coming that way?

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-6

Then as she turns around, and here they come. The enemy, dressed in black. 

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-3

She points at the destination to her Cobalt Blue Magic Shoes. She’s ready to attack. Off she goes!

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-11

For security reasons, I cannot show images of what happens in the sky. We have to remain vigilant. The Fashion Police may be watching. But you can see her in full glory as she is ready to land back on the ground.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-7

She looks victorious. The mission was a success.  

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)

She lands on the ground like a ballerina, in a Tru La La mode, like she’d been dancing in the park all along.

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-2

One last look at the enemy line…oh yeah, she annihilated them!

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-12

What’s left for this superwoman but to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. La Vita e Bella! Viva La Colour Revolution! 

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-13

You can learn more about Monique Von BargainDistrict disguise skills at The Bargain District blog.


The Cherry Blossom Mission

Dear Secret Agents,

Cherry blossoms are in full bloom this week. I am delighted to announce that Mother Nature is on our side and fully supporting our Colour Revolution. I have left messages for you this weekend at our secret meeting place – the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It is of utmost importance that we continue to share our secret messages while remaining vigilant. The Fashion Police is on guard. They have noticed the blossom of colours in spring and are continuously pressuring people to wear the New York dark outfits. Do not fret. We’ve got it under control. Below are 12 steps on how to meet each other and exchange messages without being spotted by the Fashion Police.

Vila La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People! 

STEP 1: Wear a Floral Skater Dress, look like you’re going for an open theatre picnic and always carry messages in two different bags. Sit with people, phone in hand, pretending you’re waiting for someone to call. 

Cherry Blossoms (15 of 19)

STEP 2: Pretend you got the text from your friend and off you go, quickly, accidentally forgetting the Flowery Tote Shopper Bag behind. Always look back to spot the next agent who will pick it up.

Cherry Blossoms (14 of 19)

STEP 3: Hide behind cherry blossoms and wait until the bag is in safe hands. Cat Eye Sunglasses and Bight Pink Lipstick will help your camouflage.

Cherry Blossoms (8 of 19)

STEP 4: If need be, take extra measures. Hide in the woods, behind rails. Alternatively, climb to the top of the hill and survey the situation from above.

Cherry Blossoms Collage1

STEP 5: Return to the crime scene when it’s empty again. Re-assess the situation. Use a Brooklyn Botanic Garden brochure to discretely signal to the next agent.

Cherry Blossoms (18 of 19)

STEP 6: Scout for the perfect tree. Always careful, always hiding. You never know who else is there. 

Cherry Blossoms (13 of 19)

STEP 7: If you are spotted by the Fashion Police, quickly put on an enchanted face! Aren’t those cherry blossom gorgeous? Pretty in Pink!

Cherry Blossoms (10 of 19)

STEP 8: When the Fashion Police is past you, get back to your mission. 

Cherry Blossoms (9 of 19)

STEP 9: Subtlety and quietly, execute your mission. Make sure the Clear Lucite Clutch is stable on the tree.

Cherry Blossoms (1 of 19)

STEP 10: Then signal the other agent to pick it up. Do not leave until the bag is safely in the hands of the other agent.

Cherry Blossoms (11 of 19)

STEP 11: When you have accomplished both missions, breathe with confidence. You’ve done it again. For the Revolution!

Cherry Blossoms (12 of 19)

STEP 12: Kick of those Pink Blush Heels and lie down on the grass. Cherry the cherry blossoms. For real. Viva La Colour Revolution!

Cherry Blossoms (19 of 19)

Monsoon floral dress | Missoni sunglasses | Cath Kidston floral tote | Miss L Fire lucite boxbag | Pied-A-Terre shoes | Vintage scarf and gloves from The Bargain Disctrict | Lipstick from Sephora Collection 



Dare to be Bright, it’s Springtime!

Dear friends of the Revolution,

Spring is here! The Revolution is visible everywhere in the streets! New Yorkers, it’s time to stack away those dark clothes and open up to some Bright Spring Happy Colours. Even if you like a Spring Outfit from the runway and it’s a dark colour? – Just say NO. Don’t give in. Be part of the Colour Revolution. Dare to be Bright!

I adore the DKNY Skater Dress below, taken from the Spring 2014 runway. Perfect combo with those Open Toe Boots and Duffle Bag. But dark colours? – Not a chance. I have been fighting this revolution long enough through a long cold winter. I will not give in now that the sun is shining. I will colour the outfit. I will dare to make it bright. 

Then who doesn’t want to look sexy in a Dolce & Gabbana sexy pencil dress? It’s evergreen right? – Well, speaking of green – mint green is in this season so I will turn this black outfit into a spring mint one. Oh yes, I dare to make it mint!

Keep the revolution going. Colour your favourite runway outfit. Dare to wear bright this spring. Remember, bright is might! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Colour the Runway

Purple Asos Skater Dress | Furla Blue Candybag | Maison Martin Margiela Yellow Open Toe Boot

Dolce in Mint

Asos mint and white pencil dress | Furla Mini Mint Crossbody Candybag

Women’s Colourful Land Army!

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Dear Land Girls,

As much as we enjoyed Easter Weekend, colouring Easter Eggs will not lead to victory. We need to do more. Our country is in danger. Dark outfits have taken over our institutions – our government, our businesses…even our universities are not spared. These men and women in black are taking away our freedom. A freedom guaranteed by our constitution. While our men are fighting for victory on the frontline, we need to rise up and work the land in colourful outfits. Only colour will keep our Colour Revolution alive and bring our men back home safely.

To celebrate Earth Day today, I am calling on all the Land Girls! Pitch in and help. Put on your colours and join me in the fields. Come and help with the Victory Harvest! 

Bring your box bags. Wear your silk stockings. Wave your colourful scarves. Stand on uneven rocks. Damage your heels. Give them up for the revolution. Do it for your born and unborn children so future generations can be free to wear whatever colours they want. Do your part in this revolution!

Join the Women’s Colourful Land Army. Colour to the People! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Land Girls (7 of 8)Land Girls (5 of 8)Land Girls (1 of 8)Land Girls (3 of 8)Land Girls collage 1

WEARING: Nine West heels | UNIQLO silk shirt | 50s vintage skirt | Miss L Fire box bag | New Look jacket | DEBENHAMS scarf

PHOTOSHOOT LOCATION: Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York

Box bag inspiration drawn from this vintage photo of the real British Land Girls.


Viva La Colour Revolution

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When busted for wearing bright colours in New York, I’d had enough. Why should I conform and wear black? I will be the change I want to see. I will start a Colour Revolution. I packed my spring colours and headed off to San Francisco, searching for spring. At JFK, security opened up my case, looking at my colours with suspicion. I could almost hear their thoughts: ‘She lives in New York, where are the black outfits?’

What’s with all this colour?‘ – security officer asked sharply, his nostrils flaring. I heard everyone wears bright colours in San Francisco‘ – I said, with a big smile. I was the personification of all the blondes from the blonde jokes brought together. When needs, must. He mumbled airhead‘ to himself and let me board the flight.

Once in San Francisco, I met spring at the Golden Gate Park by a very particular tree. It had a platform on the side, a soap box for many revolutionary speeches. Climbing the tree was not an easy task, but once up there, the colours took over. It’s time for change, and I can do it, I thought to myself. I put on my Orange Anthropologie Coat as a camouflage. Orange is the New Black, remember? – So, I stood there pretending to be a tourist as the comrades gathered around their droves, in colourful outfits. 

The Colour Revolution Collage 1

Underneath the orange coat, I was hiding a bright neon Shae sweater and neon yellow Pour La Victoire cross body bag – both previously featured in Winter to Spring Transition Outfit. Do you see the aqua mint necklace on my neck? It was a present from a comrade on Haight Street who introduced me to the leaders of the 60s love revolution. A token of love, from one revolutionary to the other. I cannot tag her for security reasons (these pages are sometimes inflitrated by the fashion police).

The Colour Revolution (4 of 7)

The best advise from the hippies was to wear flat shoes. So I out on my Paul and Betty lace-up shoes – ready to run fast if need be. Comrades also told me to watch out for the holes in the movement. Even the tree soap box, they say, has a deep hole in it. I nearly lost the revolution flag in it, a carefully chosen vintage Liz Clairborne colourful scarf. As the saying goes Love it. Live it. Liz it!

The Colour Revolution (5 of 7)

But, I stood straight and stoic, waved to the crowd gathered to witness the colour revolution and raised my flag high up in the air. The Colour Revolution began and I heard Che Guevara wisper through my messy hair: ‘Better to die standing than live on your knees.‘ Comrades, we did it! Viva La Revolution! Join the Colour Revolution today!

  The Colour Revolution Collage 2

p.s. The orange coat has now been banned by the fashion police, but some loyal comrades are selling it on ebay with the code Orange Anthropologie Puddle Chaser. Also, if you see the fashion police approaching here’s a comrade showing you how to do The Revolution Jump and run for your life!


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Just Beat It!

Dear friends of the Revolution,
It’s going to be a rainy day in New York today. Clouds are gathering on top of our heads and the pressure to wear dark colours is at its peak. I urge you not to give in. Don’t be all doom and gloom about it. Colour your outfit. Beat the rain. Just beat it!
Start with your bag. Pick a bright colour for your bag. I’ve got two waterproof bags, white and teal. Then I add a pair of funky vine colour rain boots. Red, blue, green – any colour you can find! Then adding a pair of pleat skinny pants or jeans, they go into the boot and you won’t splash them. Practical. Complete the combo with an orange trench coat, previously featured on Colour it! Twirl it  post. Any other bright colour would do the job. Then add two identical bangles in orange & white. Colour repetition smoothen the colour transitions.
On a rainy day, just make sure your accessories are colorful and waterproof. You’ve got the umbrella for the rest. Don’t have a rainy day. Have a colorful day. Tru La La!

Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Rainy Day (1 of 1)-4Rainy Day (1 of 1)Rainy Day (1 of 1)-7Rainy Day (1 of 1)-8Rainy Day (1 of 1)-9Rainy Day (1 of 1)-6
Botkier white satchel | Furla Candy Satchel | Anthropologie coat | UNIQLO leggings | Melissa shoes on Amazon | Kenneth Jay Lane bangles


Photoshoot location: Fire escape on a rainy day, East Village, Manhattan.

BUSTED Wearing Bright Colours

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It’s the end of March, and as much as I would love to feature a spring outfit, I’m too damn cold. Even motivating my husband to come out and photograph me takes a lot of bribing. There’s only so many beers and burgers I can promise to have! 

I absolutely love my white fur collar French Connection coat – especially on days like these where we should be sans coats. The brightness reminds me of spring. I was really having a vanity moment coming down those grotty stairs.

Busted Collage 1

Then the front door opens and I am busted by the New York Fashion Police. Busted for wearing too many bright colours. They eyed my bright vintage Christian Lacroix 80s pencil skirt and yellow tights, shaking their heads furiously.  

Busted Collage 2

In the next few moments everything gets blurry. Fashion police has me hands up, against the wall. My coat irritates them. “The New York winter colour is black!” – an officer shouts while stripping me and a paparazzi flashed a camera in my face. Hands up, but still a firm grip on my Botkier white satchel

Busted Collage 3

I’m taken out of the door, wearing just a thin bright animal print Banana Republic blouse. Hiding behind a colourful vintage Hermes scarf and bright Missoni sunglasses my brain was working fast. I can do this.

Busted Collage 4

As I step outside, I snatch the coat from the officer’s hands and run as fast as I can. My good old British Office brogues will not let me down, I knew that. Long gone are times when I take the subway in uncomfortable shoes. I test them for durability, for protesting and running on the streets. As I turn on a back alley, and I’m off the hook. Almost. I forgot the bloody paparazzi would not give up, he pays his bills with drama.

Busted Collage 5

This time, I knew I was BUSTED for real. I was handcuffed and taken in for questioning. A fair price to pay for the freedom to wear all the bright colours in the world. I will not be broken by the establishment. I shall wear as much colour as I like. I will lead this colour revolution till the last (wo)man standing. Join my Tru’ La La!

Busted Collage 7


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The No-Pants Spring Coat 2

Weatherman said it’s going to snow today in New York. What do we say? Enough is enough! Now we can rebel and take our coats off altogether and then by the weekend we’re in bed sniffling and coughing. OR, we can still look like spring with this perfect plaid Asos coat. Quick, it’s on sale – grab a bargain. I saw it was on sale yesterday so woke up early this morning, and had my husband snap a few shots in the neighbourhood before he left for work. Our convo:

Hubby: I’m late, I really really have to go now.

Me: Just one more shot, get the details right pleaseee.

Then it hit me! Here’s one very important detail I forgot to get right: a skirt, shorts, trousers – literally anything to hide my bottom? If the wind blew you’d see me in tights and underwear. Truth be told, my brain starts functioning after the second cup of coffee. At 8 am – I’d had none. Bless the oversized tartan coat with tie front. I tied it tight – alright!

Tratan Coat (3 of 7)

Repeating the coat colours, I added my colourful necklaces. I also have this green Furla candybag that matches quite well.

Tratan Coat (6 of 7)

The bag matches my Marc Jacobs navy and green pumps that I bought in winter and have been desperate to Tru’ La La in them.

Tratan Coat (1 of 7)

It’s quite chilly in the morning, so I’m wearing my vintage green suede gloves, that also match the green in the shoes.

Tratan Coat (1 of 1)-2

What else is left but to Tru’ La La in the streets of Dumbo. Wind – please please please – don’t blow my coat away!

Tratan Coat (7 of 7)

GET THE LOOK: Similar Marc Jacobs Pumps |  Asos Plaid Coat | Furla Candy Bag


Create Your Tru’ Runway Look

The New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks long gone now. We all awed designer runway looks for weeks and now we’re back to our real lives knowing that looks we want could really break our bank. Well, not quite. As the Countess of Glamour explained, it’s all about style. The best fashion is undoubtedly going to be high-end designer, but style can save your budget anytime. What’s stopping us from replicating a designer look with clothes we can afford?

Take the Christian Dior Fall 2014 runway looks for example. Wouldn’t the fuchsia scarf, red dress and burgundy blazer combo be perfect for New York weather this week that keeps changing from winter to spring within hours? – Ok then, that will be my outfit inspiration for today. Here’s how to do in in 4 steps.

STEP 1: Search for an asymmetrical red shift dress or if you’re more comfortable go for a plain red shift mini dress.

STEP 2: Add a dark red boyfriend blazer or a purple classic blazer, find one that flatters your body.

STEP 3. Look for purple and red pointy pumps or black, red & fuchsia sandals, there are some good ones on Yoox.

STEP 4: Complete the look with a fancy pink scarf on sale or browse for Etsy handmade scarf for cheaper. 

See my Tru’ La La search below. Go on, create your own Tru’ designer look. Tweet – Facebook or Instagram me your finds!

Tru' Lavina for Verily

1. Nanette Lepore Blazer $167 | 2. Jan Pierre pump $59 | 3. Mantero 1903 scarf $109 | 4. Asos dress $67 | 5. Mango Dress $29 | 6. Etsy scarf $17 | 7. Nana’ Sandal $49 | 8. ASOS blazer $45.17


Winter to Spring Transition Outfit

Finally we’re seeing some sunshine in New York. People have flooded the streets to fill their bodies with vitamin D because those pills at the pharmacy are just not as good as the unprotected UV light. But there’s still a chill in the air. Spring is running unfashionably late this season and desperate to wear spring colours, we’ve got two potions. Option 1) We wear the trench coat to brunch and shiver on the way back home, and continue to pee every 15 min for the next 3 hours. Option 2) We wear winter clothes with spring colours, look a bit mismatched-but-happy gipsy style. Option 2 of course. I have this French Connection double breasted ivory coat with fur collar, that was too thin for the real winter but perfect for this March winter.  (Quick note to fashionable meteorologists reading this – spring does not begin in March!)

Winter to Spring (5 of 14)

We’ve seen a lot of neon on the runways lately, so I shall be taking for a ride my Shae knitted neon cashmere jumper and a citrus leather crossbody bag. To match the gold chain in the bag, I add my blue chain necklace. A pair of vintage green suede gloves always come handy, whether you’re playing a trick or not. They are too thin to keep you warm in winter but perfect for sunny vanity days like these.

Winter to Spring Collage 1

To the detriment on my mother’s mental health, I will add a neon pink pleated Asos midi skirt with blue and green flowers. ‘I’m not saying anything, it’s just that you’re not very ladylike’ – I can almost hear her from across the Atlantic, as she sits in matching shoes and bag, always leather of course. But mother, the blue in the flowers is talking to the blue chain, while the green will match with the gloves above. But she has stopped listening to me at the sight of my shoes. 

WInter to Spring Collage 5

I recently scored a pair of Pollini crock leather laced shoes on sale at Yoox. Although very high heeled, they are surprisingly comfortable. I can see my mother eyeing them up. ‘They look a bit like a tractor, don’t they?’ Useless to try and make my point across that my Uniqlo light blue tights are neutralising the brights and the blues.

Winter to Spring (11 of 14)

Tractor or not, these shoes are comfortable for an over 4 inch heel. As I made this statement, my cheeky husband challenged me to stand on an uneven rock in the middle of the traffic in Dumbo, just underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. What can I say, I married a practical man. Were my knees shaky? – You bet. But these heels have a grip. So does my pride. I was going to stand straight, alright!

Winter to Spring (1 of 14)

Besides, behind these over-the-top Missoni sunglasses nobody will know it’s me. If only those beeping cars could see my vintage earrings, though. That’s where vanity meets OCD. 

Winter to Spring Collage 4

What else is left but to Tru’ La La in in this colourful ensemble? – To start a revolution of course. Join the movement. Colour to the people!

Winter to Spring (6 of 14)

GET THE LOOK: French Connection coat. See my Tru’ Finds for the Shea yellow jumper. My cross body is Pour La Victoire sold-out, but similar French Connection on sale. Pollini shoes, scored on sale online at Yoox similar style in booties here and in sandals here. Asos skirt, similar here. Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, now on sale at Bluefly. Tights are from Uniqlo. Sunglasses are Missoni, similar here.


Photoshoot location: Dumbo waterfront, Brooklyn, New York. 



Dare to Wear Pink

Ambitious women face a constant dilemma of how to dress for success. Often, they go for understated dark colours and safe outfits hoping this will make them look more serious about their work. Been there, done that. Smart women are not supposed to love fashion or else they won’t be taken seriously. Needless to say, I disagree. I have in the past landed a high-level job by daring a pink suit to the interview. 

I love how writer Chimamanda Adichi admitted that for the first time she is wearing clothes that make her happy. Do we think less of her? – Absolutely not. We are just getting to know her artistic side better.


Dare to Wear Your Tru’ Colour

To celebrate the International Women’s Day I wore pink. For no particular reason – but because I felt like it. I believe that confidence does not come by itself or by wearing the right brand. It comes by investing in ourselves, through education and self discovery. Yes, it does involve books. Lots of of books.

Dare to Wear Pink (6 of 7)

While you’re reading, nothing is stopping you from wearing a pink beret. Scared it will make your thoughts less serious?

Dare to Wear Pink (1 of 7)



Discover Your Tru’ Style 

Just like reading is important in the process of emancipation, collecting your Tru’ Finds is important in the process of developing your Tru’ Style. They may not be equally as important, but together they will make you – your personal brand. Your personal vanity project. You’ll get it wrong sometimes, we all do. Then you move to New York and your learn to collect only a few things that fit in your tiny-winy closet. They will definitively be Tru’ to You as you only keep the best of the best.

Dare to Wear Pink (4 of 7)

If emancipation makes you who you are, your accessories express your creativity at each stage of your life. It’s important to get your vanities right or else they will be similar to millions of other vanities hashtag-ing their way into your life. The moral of the story? – Be uniquely vain.

Dare to Wear Pink (3 of 7)


Be Tru’ to You

Will our style be different in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s…? – I‘m trusting the Countess of Glamour that we get better at style with age. Or else, I have no hope?! – OK, yes, we get to know ourselves better and care less about what others think etc etc. But what if we want to stay the same? What if we want to wear pink at every age? 

Dare to Wear Pink (7 of 7)

Either way be comfortable in your own shoes, and pleased don’t match them with the bag. Please. The rest is all Tru’ La La!

Dare to Wear Pink (2 of 7)

WEARING: Betsey Johnson dress | Knitted blouse by my friend Claudia | Irregular Choice pumps | Brain Tree Clothing beret | Alexon clutch


Get this Tru’ Look

Get the look

Badgley Mischka dress from 6pm | Top from ModCloth | Shoes from Irregular Choice | Tights from Asos | Beret from MoreHouse Farm | Box clutch from Amazon



Four Runway Inspired Tru’ Looks 3

The New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks are now over and we go back to our daily lives with budgets unable to handle all designer looks we’ve been awwwing about. Right?

Wrong. As the Countess of Glamour explained, it’s all about style. The best fashion is undoubtedly going to be high-end designer, but style can save your budget anytime. So, I set myself a task to pull out four Tru’ Fall 2014 designer looks and show you how to create the style with less.  

Tru’ Look 1: Oscar De La Renta

I started with one of my all time favourites, Oscar De La Renta. I was looking for a feminine simple style and I love the peacock skirt but retailing for just under $2,000 it’s a bomb to our budgets. You may not be able to have the skirt, but what’s stopping you from having the style? I’ve put together an outfit for you for a lot less.

Oscar De La Renta

Skirt is from ModCloth | Shoes are from Yoox | Peplum top is White & Warren from Neiman Marcus | Earrings on sale at BlueFly


Tru’ Look 2: Maison Valentino

I was looking through pre-fall 2014 designer styles that incorporated vintage style but with a modern twist. I love the new butterfly motif at Maison Valentino skirt on the right below. So again, I set myself a task to get you the look for less. 

Valentino Pre Fall Inspiration

Skirt is Asos | Blazer is River Island | Ankle Boots from Yoox | Cashmere top from Nordstrom | Bag is London Fog from DSW

Tru’ Look 3: Giorgio Armani

Masculine styles have been quite prominent among designer looks. I like the Armani look below because it is quite feminine in its masculinity. So, again my task was to find you a similar look for A LOT less. In fact, for just under $200.

Giorgio Armani

Wide leg trousers on sale from Asos | Red blazer is Asos too | Shoes are Avril Gau from Yoox | Fedora hat is from Amazon.

Tru’ Look 4: Bottega Veneta

Last but not least, my eye caught quite a few bright neon colours and effortless street-style black and white looks. I found this style from Bottega Veneta that incorporates bright yellow with black and white. Most importantly, still keeps the outfit serious enough to wear to work on a Friday and go straight out. The dress is, of course, unique to Bottega Veneta – but who says you can’t steal the look by breaking it down into a sweater & a skirt?

Bottega Veneta Inspired Outfit

Skirt if from Asos | Sweater is from Neiman Marcus or cheaper from Forever21 | Shoes are from Yoox | The mini bag is from Yoox.

Four Tru’ Looks above are just the beginning of what you can do. In the next posts, I will show you how I will do those looks myself. Let’s have fun replicating designer looks. Tweet or Instagram me if you get inspired by above and come up with a look. I would LOVE to see your Tru’ La La!




Vintage Wednesday

It’s Vintage Wednesday and I’ve invited the vintage bargain queen Monique Sinha of The Bargain District to share her tips of mixing vintage and new items for a colourful winter party outfit. She starts with a happy sequinned vintage dress from her shop. The dress is dancing in fabulous colours with beautiful 80s drape shape sleeves. And the best thing? – She’s warm.


Monique adds cobalt designer heels to match and accentuate that particular colour in the dress. ‘By mixing new and vintage fashion, you pay less for a unique designer look’ – Monique says.


Practice what she preaches? Her outfit is a sheer example. Monique adds a white vintage short fur coat but mixes it with new neon pink tights available everywhere these days. Of course, I had to make her pose. She’s not that serious, really, unless it’s about finding the best deals on vintage designer pieces. It’s hard to beat her at that.

Finally, Monique accessorises with one of her vintage Tru’ Finds – a colourful purse. The blues and yellows are engaging with the dress, while the pinks are talking the tights. Do colours talk? – You’d be surprised.


Just as you think ‘Ok I got it, I can do this’ Monique has another trick up her drape sleeve. She adds a designer ring, a Tru’ signature piece. Guess what, it matches the cobalt in the dress and the shoes. Now ladies and gents, that’s not coincidence. That’s Tru’ La La at its best. So go on and mingle with vintage. Colour it. Twirl it. Tru’ La La it! 


If in New York meet Monique at her vintage shop on 309 E9th Str. She’s got some lovely vintage bargains. And she’ll help you Tru’ La La!

GET THE LOOK: Dress, fur coat and purse are vintage from The Bargain District.  Shoes are Sergio Rossi, similar here. Tights are American Apparel. The ring is from the YSL arty ring collection, similar here.


Vintage Delight

Like it or not, the winter storm in New York brings the Russian doll in us. Don’t fight it, have fun with it. Keep yourself warm while looking chic. My special feature in this post is a vintage 50s flowery quilted full skirt. Quilted skirts are back this season – whether midi, mini or pencil. Not only do they keep you warm, but they are a great cushion if you happen to slip on ice and fall on your bottom. For the record, this youtube moment did happen to me on Wednesday in Midtown, in front of a crowded restaurant. I’m sure it provoked laughter. I would have laughed too, if it wasn’t me on the pavement. Instead, I was silently thankful to the skirt for no broken bones. It is featured sitting down though, just in case. 

Russian Doll (1 of 1)

A close-up of the skirt shows the colours in it: yellow, green and pink. I will wear the skirt with a silk orange shirt previously featured in Orange Delight. If you compare the looks you’ll see that I have only changed the skirt and added my much loved green vintage mock crock clutch. The skirt does not have to be midi or full. Plenty of mini and pencil quilted skirts around this season, see links at the bottom.

Russian Doll (5 of 8)

For the Russian look, I added faux fur hat in white previously featured in Glittery Yellow and also my ivory wedding faux fur throw. They are not the same white, so I added white vintage gloves for the balance. Remember, when you’re having fun with your fashion, you can wear wedding outfits, whether your own or outfits you have worn at your best friend’s wedding. They are not meant for one time only. Release them from your closet every now and then. Add brooches to tailor them to the outfit of the day, like I’ve added this green frog brooch previously featured on Festive in Green.

Russian Dolls (1 of 1)

I know I started with the green bag, but I’m having my doubts… would an orange leather clutch previously featured in Orange Delight look better? 

Russian Doll (7 of 8)

It does match my orange shirt. What do you think? Green or Orange? Would love to hear which bag you would pick on Facebook – InstagramTwitter.

Russian Doll (6 of 8)

Last but never least, I’ve added a pair of yellow tights and flowery shoes to complete my look. Flowers in the shoes match the colours of flowers in the dress, while yellow tights accentuate the yellow flowers in the dress. Drenched in colourful flowers, nothing left but to Tru’ La La!

Russian Doll (3 of 8)

GET THE LOOK: Skirt is a vintage find, there are plenty of them on Etsy, see a similar one but also others red or yellow. The best I could find online is this polka dot quilted skirt. Midi not your style? Then there are these mini ones from Moda Operandi and Asos, then pencil ones from Banana Republic and Orla KielyShoes are from Irregular Choice, they have so many cool flowery shoes like these ones on my Tru’ FindsOrange UNIQLO silk shirt, similar hereSunglasses are Marc Jacobs, available here. Orange soft leather envelope clutch is handmade by Mad Auntie Maggie (details here), but for good substitutes online see this personalized clutch and this BCBGMAXAZRIA clutch. Belt is from Anthropologie beautiful belts


Photoshoot location: The Old Court Bed & Breakfast, Providence, Rhode Island.


Winter White

New York has been snowed in. But it’s fashion week and the show must go on. So, how do we layer to keep warm and fabulous? I approached non other than Lynn Dell Cohen, the New York’s Countess of Glamour and owner of the Off Broadway Boutique to share her tips. Not only did Lynn layer up in white to celebrate the snow, but she accessorised for a special Valentines look.

Tru' Valentines Collage 2

But before we got talking about her outfit, we talked about fashion, trends and personal style. Her philosophy is short and spot-on: “Fashion says me too, style says ONLY ME.” Instead of investing in trends, she advises to invest in your style. Yes, she means be Tru’ to You – Be ONLY YOU. Lynn is Tru’ to herself all the way. She dresses for the theatre of her life everyday. With age, she explains, we all get better at it and more Tru’ to what we really love. The Advanced Style blog by Ari Seth Cohen documents just that.

Tru' Valentines Collage 1

“I love strong colours. All colours work if the intensity is right,” she says. With 50 years of accessorising experience she confidently explains that you can wear the same thing everyday and by accessorising it differently, you change the outfit completely. Don’t just take her word for it. In a matter of minutes, she walks around her boutique picking up items either in red or white, changing her outfit faster than I could click. A red hat made to order would definitively change the style. A simple knitted white hat can be accessorised with feathers to add glamour. A red fur bag will make your look more unique than you hoped for.

Tru' Valentines Collage 5

Of course, you can do the same combos with all other colours, not just red. Or you can keep it clean, all in white. Lynn walks around her boutique some more, playing with accessories that would work. Her store is full of unique jewellery she collects from all over the world. You can add pearls to the outfit for more glamour, or wear a buttoned cowl neck tunic for a casual look. 

Tru' Valentines Collage 4jpg

As for beating the cold outside, Lynn advises to layer fashionably. She adds to the outfit a fur sleeveless jacket, scarf and gloves – all in shades of white. Scarves, hats and gloves are your best friends, she says. She collects them tirelessly. 

Tru' Valentines Collage 7

On her feet she adds a pair of white fur boots she got 10 years ago for a ski trip. Of course she still has them, she bought them to fit her style not the trends of the time. Last but not least, a mongolian fur bag from her boutique as a cherry on top to complete the look. I tip my hat to her.

Tru' Valentines Collage 8

What else is there left but to Tru’ La La in this wonderful ensemble? “World here I am!” – says Lynn as she goes about Upper West Side celebrating Valentines in her own glamorous way.

Tru' Valentines Collage 9  

GET THE LOOK: Red heart shaped brooch is a vintage collectible by Bettina Von Walhof. The mongolian fur bag is from her boutique and also available in burgundy, black and chocolate brown. The hat and earrings are vintage. Red fur bag is by Iris Apfel and together with other accessories featured above – available in the boutique. 

When in New York, go visit Lynn at her boutique and she will help you pick items that match your style. The boutique has a separate jewellery section, vintage section and a workshop downstairs for any tailor made clothing. If she can’t find that unique thing she’s looking for, they make it downstairs at the boutique. And if you want to hear her in action, check out this video by Advanced Style

Photoshoot location: Off Broadway Boutique at 139 W 72nd St in New York and Verdi Square on Upper West Side.

Breaking Black 4

It’s fashion week everyone! Ok, we can’t all get into runway shows but we can still give our clothes a front row seat. I’m a sucker for colour but I’ve challenged myself to work with black this time. I’ll start with a sparkly black full skirt and match it with sparkly black tights previously featured on Sparkly Blues. Glitter, glitter on the wall, who’s the most glittery of all?

NYFW Outfit (10 of 11)-2

I know, I owe you a disclaimer already. That’s right, I’m wearing my red shoes previously featured on Tread on Red. I can’t help it! And while I’m there, I’ll add green gloves too. You can guess by now that I’m going for a vintage look. Must add a petticoat. Voila, my new skirt looks vintage now.

NYFW Outfit (3 of 11)

Aim to nail the accessories. I have broken the black with colours. Now I can safely go back to black, or rather black and white. I think this look needs a black and white clutch and a matching top hat. 

NYFW Outfit (6 of 11)-2

When wearing a full skirt, I like to have the top fitted. I have this tweed suit jacket that is perfect for the look I’m after. It’s grey-ish with black and white threads. You may have had enough of accessories, but I have to add a vintage ladybug pin to complete this outfit. My ladybug is red, black & white. What else would a woman want? Oh yes to twirl this outfit! Tru’ La La – Oh’ La La!

NYFW Outfit (2 of 11)

So, go on – experiment with your clothes. Break your black. Give your outfits a first row treatment. Happy Fashion Week!

NYFW Outfit (1 of 11)

GET THE LOOK: The skirt is Anthropologie Polaris skirt currently on sale. Sparkly tights are Vince Camuto antique tight, but I also love the Nordstrom Sparkle TightsRed shoes are vintage Charles Jourdan – an all-time best vintage find from Beacon’s Closet. My hat, gloves and bag are vintage too. The jacket is Milly New York. Sunglasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs, multiple colours available on Amazon.

Photoshoot location: Midtown East Rooftop, Manhattan, New York with Pressy Nathan behind the camera.

Country Glam

Planning a winter countryside getaway? Remember to pack more than just your walking shoes. You’re bound to find an amazing country restaurant, and a little country glam doesn’t hurt. I have packed these black and gold zebra pumps and a pair of black gold sparkly tights too. I’m in business!

Glitter & Green (1 of 1)-8

Pack a mono colour midi dress. Full skirt or body-con, just make sure it’s warm. Whatever the colour of the dress, look for accessories to match. I’ll add a green brooch with gold detail because I am wearing my green dress previously featured in Festive in Green. Animal brooches are perfect for country glam. Next time you’re at a flea market or a vintage shop, look for one.  Glitter & Green (1 of 1)-7

Accessories are key to this outfit. The gold box clutch bag is so small, it will hardly take any space in your suitcase. You can fit your tights and brooch inside too.

Glitter & Green (1 of 1)-10

I will add black gloves to balance the blacks in the shoes and tights. You can match the colour of your gloves with your dress or coat. For example, if you are wearing a red dress, and your tights are light gold, wear red gloves!

Glitter & Green (1 of 1)-3

Before you’re out of the door, put on a big fur coat. You can’t take the fireplace with you but a big warm coat is the second best. Fur is countryside glam all the way. I have this honey brown faux fur previously featured on Glittery Yellow. When accessorised with gold details, it shines. I’ve forgotten to pack my gold shades but who cares – country glam is forgiving. Just Tru’ La La!

Glitter & Green (1 of 1)

GET THE LOOK: Heels are Beyond Skin, see similar Sam Edelman shoes and Via Spiga pumps on sale. Check my Tru’ Finds for a similar dress and coat. My clutch is vintage, a present from my mother-in-law, similar on Etsy. You see, when you’ve got a very distinct style, you always get presents that are Tru’ to You

Photoshoot location: Sanford-Covell Villa Marina, Newport, Rhode Island. 

Colour me Casual

Going for brunch, gallery hopping or an out-of-town excursion? You’re looking to be warm & comfortable, of course. Trust me, there’s still room for a little colourful chicness in the comfort. You can do it in 4 steps.

Step 1: Start with tall leather boots. Mine are flat for comfort and croc for chicness. I’ll wear a light green skirt underneath, so the burgundy colour pops out.

Casual Brunch (2 of 5)

Step 2: Then, I’ll add a cross-body round leather bag. I’ve got my pink blush studded cross-body previously featured on Festive in Green

Casual Brunch (4 of 5)

Step 3: Add a pair of leather gloves, always the colour that accentuates your coat and bag. I’ll add my yellow mustard gloves previously featured in Love thy Prints

Casual Brunch (3 of 5)

Step 4: Most importantly, cover yourself in a big fur coat to keep you warm. I’m a faux fur coat girl, unless it’s vintage. If too cold then you may need a hat too. I‘ve got a blush pink hat to match the bag, but you can repeat the colour of your gloves, shoes or skirt. Voila, you’re ready to Tru’ La La! Those boots are made for twirling.

Casual Chic 

GET THE LOOK: Pour La Victoire croc boots, now on sale from Amazon. Calvin Klein coat, see similar Nicole Miller faux coat. My pink cross-body is a JJ Winters bag, also see similar Dolce & Gabbana cross-body. Gloves are Fratellini Orsini now available from Amazon.  You can do the same look with different tones by combining items from my Tru’ Finds.

Photoshoot location: Fort Adams in Newport, Rhode Island.


Sparkly Blues 6

Ok, you have a fab party to go to and you don’t feel like dressing up, just because it’s a rainy day? Oh no. No excuse. Let’s start getting ready. We’ll go for darker colours this time. Let’s start with the shoes, and work our way up. I’ll start with my black sparkly pumps. 

Sparkly Blues (1 of 1)-4

Then I’ll add a pair of back and silver sparkly tights. Think about all the skirts you have. Which one would work best?

Sparkly Blues (1 of 1)-9

I will wear my much loved black and white full houndstooth skirt, previously featured on my Orange Delights blogpost, and add vintage black gloves.

Sparkly Blues (1 of 1)-3

We’ve got the mood going. Now, I will add more sparkles, in the shades of blue. I’ve got this blue and grey sequin jacket. I’ve also got my blue signature necklace previously featured in Devil’s in the Details post. Let these details talk to each other.

Sparkly Blues (1 of 1)-7

Add a grey or black top underneath the jacket, sparkly or not depending on what you’ve got. I always make sure that my top fits with the rest of the outfit. If it gets hot, you want to have the option of removing the jacket without compromising the look. For the clutch, I will go sparkly blue sequin, to match my jacket. Even the dog is posing with Tru’ Lavina!

Sparkly Blues (1 of 1)

One last twirl please…Oh La La. Tru’ La La! You’re ready to party.

Sparkly Blues (1 of 1)-2

GET THE LOOK: Heels are Vivienne Westwood Anglomania and are waterproof and comfortable. Sparkly tights are Vince Camutto antique tight, but I also love the Nordstrom Sparkle Tights. Skirt was made for me by my tailor ZUKI, see similar vintage Etsy skirt. Sequin jacket is an old one from Miss Selfride but see a similar TopShop blue sequin jacket or do a similar look in pink instead of blue with this Asos sequin jacket. Blue necklace is from SylcaDesigns, they have a lot of unique pieces. The clutch is thrifted, but plenty of them around, vintage or new. I always add a pin to make it unique. 

Photoshoot location: Sanford-Covell Villa Marina, Newport, Rhode Island. Sasha, their lovely dog, followed us every time we had the camera on hand. 

Festive in Green

So you want to stand out over Christmas? Be creative. Be vintage. Be bright. After all you’ll be reading colorful Christmas cards! For example, find a light green dress and accessorize with red tights. Add a pair of lovely flowery shoes. Mine are black with green and pink. So those are the colours I’ll be working with.

Festive in Green (1 of 1)-2

Hmm, how do we fit pink in too with all these colours? Very easy. Add a pink bag for the balance. I’m using blush pink to soften the outfit. Anything stronger in this case will fight with the red and green. You might want to add a pair of vintage gloves, just for fun! I’ve got white ones, but pink & darker green would work too.

Festive in Green (1 of 1)-4 

Then add another pink detail. A hat. Find something sparkly and festive. Similar colours as the bag. One thing I always do is keep the details either all gold or all silver. In this case, the bag has gold studs, so I chose a hat with gold sparkles. 

Festive in Green (1 of 1)-6 

Consequently, my frog brooch is also in gold tones. It’s also green and matches the green colour in the shoes.

Festive in Green (1 of 1)-5

Voila, you’re ready for your guests. Where’s the champagne? 

Festive in Green (1 of 1)-12

GET THE LOOK: Vintage green dress, search in Tru’ Finds. A pink Paula cross body JJ Winters bag, a different shape here. Check out a new version of my old Irregular Choice shoes featured here. My hat is Portolano. The Kenneth Jay Lane brooch is an an ebay find, a similar one is also available here.


Photoshoot location: Sanford-Covell Villa Marina, Newport, Rhode Island.


Orange Delight

Sometimes we see designer look-books, but we feel they are made for the runway only. Well why not adapt them to our style? You head it well. Adapt them to your style and figure, not the other way around. For example, I loved Ulyana Sergeenko’s 2011 look-book so I want to adapt it to my style, using my clothes. I’ll start with an orange silk shirt, but you can also do red, green or yellow shirt. I’ll add my 50s full skirt in black and white houndstooth also featured on Sparkly Blues.

Orange Delight (1 of 1)

I’ll add an orange leather large envelope clutch, my black suede pumps with decorative flowers, and a pair of yellow tights previously featured on Yellow Mellow. Yes, the envelope is 80s, but remember, Tru’ Lavina is not confined by trends of fashion. 

Orange Delight (1 of 1)-2

Then I add a pair of black vintage gloves to balance the colours & match the shoes, and black & white large shades.

Orange Delight (1 of 1)-3

All that is left is to put on a yellow scarf & beads to match the tights. Colours are dancing already, so get in front of the mirror and twirl. Tru’ La La – Oh La la! You can create a similar outfits by switching yellows with oranges, or using green instead of orange, like this Tibi green silk blouse. Always start by using what you have in your closet already, then buy those little details to complete the outfit.

Orange Delight Cover

GET THE LOOK: Orange UNIQLO silk shirt, similar here. Skirt was tailor made by designer Berna Saraqi, similar handmade by SandeeRoalty on Etsy. Check this Nordstrom dress too. Orange soft leather envelope clutch is handmade by Mad Auntie Maggie (my stepmother-in-law). For those of you who are into crafts, she’s used a thick curtain material on the inside of the bag to give it a better shape. Oh yes, and the drape has a delightful orange flower detail to match, see photo above. For the non DIY people, similar off the shelf on sale you have the leather personalized clutch or BCBGMAXAZRIA clutch. Scarf & beads are vintage. Belt is from Anthropologie beautiful belts. Shoes are from Irregular Choice, they have so many cool flowery shoes.


Photoshoot location: The Old Court Bed & Breakfast, Providence, Rhode Island.


Festive in Red

A Christmas outfit can be more than just a Christmas jumper. Ditch your jumper for a monochrome Channel-like red & black suit jacket. Monique from The Bargain District shows you how to wear it.

Ooooh La La…Tru’ La La!

Monique Cover(1 of 1)

Monique doesn’t wear a black dress. She’s bolder. Her red floaty silk dress looks wonderful as a skirt, but will double up as a dress, when it get’s stuffy indoors. Monique pairs this look with vintage faded red suede shoes and black tights. Again keeping the red and black monochrome going.

Festive in Red Collage 

What I love about Monique’s look is the vintage romantic box bag. Birds and flowers in shaded red and green, with a bit of green that tops off the Christmas feel.

Monique (1 of 1)-5

Sometimes, black accessories are allowed. Monique adds black gloves keeping her red and black monochrome going.


Now attention to details ladies & gents. I know your buttons are round. But don’t do boring. Do daring. Do square shaped earrings.

Monique (1 of 1) copy

And last but not least, Monique featured a lovely flower ring that matches the red vintage faded shades of the bag and shoes.

Monique (1 of 1)-2

Go meet Monique at her vintage shop on 309 E9th Str. She’s got some lovely vintage bargains. And she’ll help you Tru’ La La!

GET THE LOOK: Dress worn under the jacket is Diane Von Furstenberg (similar designer on sale Gucci, VionnetUngaroASOS and Badgley Mischka). Jacket, box bag, earrings and ring are vintage from The Bargain District.  Black suede gloves are Blumarine gloves. The hat is from Marjory Warren. Suede red shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti. Similar on sale at DSQUARED2, SINELA and L’AUTRE CHOSE.

Devil’s in the Details

A new look does not mean a new dress. It could just as well be a new combo through accessories. Take the yellow vintage dress I have featured before. Let’s add some blue details to it.

Beat the Blues Cover

You can take the simplest blue sweater and elevate it by adding a beautiful sparkly necklace. Consider it your signature piece. Find a special one. Love it. Combine it. As many times as you can.

Beat the Blues (1 of 4)

Add a blue belt, whether this year’s cobalt cowhide previously featured on Tread on Red or an old blue belt you’ve got in the closet. Both with work equally good.
Beat the Blues (1 of 1)-3


Take a simple white (or light blue) knitted winter hat and add a retro small brooch to it. Next time you’re at a flea market, look for a unique pin you like. Look for one that accentuates the colours of a necklace you like, and would like to combine it with.

Beat the Blues Cover 2

Then you can add a pair of turquoise colour tights to match the brooche and accentuate the turquoise in the necklace. And last but not least, a pair of funky blue sole shoes. Voila, you’ve got a whole outfit based on accessories. Trust me, the devil’s in the details. Enjoy!

Shoes on Wallpaper

GET THE LOOK: The same outfit could be done using green or red instead of blue. Browse Tru’ Finds for similar dress and shoes. Featured above are the Paul & Betty oxfords. Belts are old, similar AllManKind belt and Ralph Lauren belt. Blue necklace is from SylcaDesigns, the have a lot of unique pieces. The pin is a flea market find, see a similar red vintage car pin on Etsy.


Photoshoot location: La Reserve Bed & Breakfast, Philadelphia.


Love Thy Prints 7

Ok, we often hear that general rule: don’t mix prints. But why not, designers do it all the time! So I say, let’s mix and match them. I’ll start with a vintage 50s black and white geometric print shift dress. It’s had a come-back! When you find that special geometric print shift dress that fits well – grab it! Vintage or brand new, it does not matter. It matters that you love the print and it’s you.
Love Thy Prints (2 of 6)
Get out your animal print shoes, bags and shades. Trust me, you can wear them with much more than just brown colours. I love my tiger print cowhide flats. I wear them on long days when I want to be comfy. The good thing is, they’re stylish too. Two birds with one stone.
Love Thy Prints (1 of 1)
Choose your bag to match your outing. Satchel for a long day, clutch for dinner, date or night event. If you want to be safe, mono color in black or brown. But I’m never safe, so I’ll add a few more prints & colours to keep it interesting.
Love Thy Prints (4 of 6)
Since I’m going to a gallery tonight, the 80’s croc clutch with gold chain is my winner today. It’s my mother’s. I wear it with love.
Love Thy Prints (1 of 1)-2
To calm the mix of prints, add mono-colour accessories in mustard. Plenty of room to play with gloves, tights, sunglasses and scarves. Oh yes, if you still want to risk with an animal clutch, here’s your last chance.
Love Thy Prints (2 of 2)-2
Oh, and don’t forget to add a hat to keep you warm. It’s another different print for me, but you can go safer with a white or black hat.
Love Thy Prints (1 of 6)

Last check, just to pick the right bag & off I go! Remember ladies & gents, don’t shy away from prints. Love thy prints. Tru’ La La!

Love Thy Prints Cover
GET THE LOOK: Browse Tru’ Finds for inspiration. Geometric print 50s dress is vintage (similar style at ModCloth | AthropologieAsos). Leopard print clutch is Boden, but you can find really cool ones from Design Choice on Etsy. Faux crocodile envelope clutch with gold chain is my mother’s from the 80s (similar vintage Bally on Etsy). Large cowhide satchel is Pour La Victorie,  a similar one on sale among Neiman Marcus bags. Animal print shoes are Dolce Vita on sale at Amazon. Wearing old Oscar De La Renta shades, see similar House of Harlow on Amazon. Fluffy hat is from 2013 Winter Village in Bryant’s Park, New York. Fratellini Orsini gloves are from Amazon.
Photoshoot location: La Reserve Bed & Breakfast, Philadelphia.

Colour it. Twirl it! 2

Winter in New York is undeniably cold. But wearing dark colours will not keep you any warmer. So, on a sunny day, please have your last love affair with your autumn trench coat.

Trulavina background (1 of 1)-2


Accessorize it with a big scarf to keep you warm. Wooden button details  give the autumn outfit a winter look, so I’ll pick that.

Colour it. Twirl it. (1 of 1)

Get those colourful shoes, tights and funky bag. I chose a white satchel with cream details, to match the scarf.

Shop (1 of 1)-3

A yellow mustard bag would also work in this case, because of the colour featured in the skirt. If you have a blue bag, same shade as in the skirt – that would work equally well. You can just change the scarf to blue, and you’re set.

Shop (1 of 1)-5

If pink is too much to add for you, then you can always play with the colours already in the outfit, it could work with ankle oxfords too. I have this cream and red pair below.
Colour it (1 of 1)
After you’ve truly coloured your outfit. Nothing left but to find a rooftop and twirl it! Wohooo feels so good to Tru’ La La! Oh la La!

Shop (1 of 1)-6

GET THE LOOK: See Tru’ Finds for the tights, yellow bag and pink sole shoes. Orange Anthropologie coat currently available on eBay. Dress underneath is a Kate Spade Rainey Dress. The Botkier white caravel satchel, also available eBay and mini version available on Beauty. The scarf is handmade by my auntie Myto, but you can find similar ones on Etsy. Cream and red laced ankle oxfords are Steve Madden, see similar ModCloth booties – but I love these Cole Haan Gramercy Oxfords too.


Photoshoot location: East Village rooftop, Manhattan, New York.

Tread on Red!

These days we are told that matching shoes and bag is a thing of the past. Well, I think there are exceptions. When everything else is floating in colors, use one tone shoes and bag to balance your outfit. For example, I’ll be using red. Red shoes and a red bag. Why not add a red hat too?

Tread on Red Cover

All we’re doing is using red instead of back. Red is my new black. But you can do the same with orange, green and yellow. By keeping accessories in mono-tone you have more freedom to use colour in your dress and tights. So I’m going all out with a pair of teal & blue net tights.
Tread on Red (1 of 1)
Then I add a teal jumper with a blue belt to keep the colour scheme going. If you want to be even more playful,  add a pair of sheer vintage gloves, blue shades to match the belt and tights in this case.
Tread on Red
This outfit starts and ends with the bag. I absolutely love my red bag. It’s my signature piece. Always search for that perfect red bag. Or whatever color you love. Find it. Let it ground you.
Tread on Red (1 of 1)-2
Now that I got my colour balance right and my feet on the ground, what else is left but to march on? Tread on red? Twirl and twist. Tru’ La La – Oh La La!

Tread on Red (1 of 1)-4

GET THE LOOK: Dress is Kate Spade New York Rainey Dress, similar some left on 6pm dresses. Teal net tights are Betsey Johnson available at Zappos. Teal cardigan is from Mango. Red leather bag is old Furla, but similar on Bluefly. Red shoes are vintage Charles Jourdan, similar on Etsy and Ebay. Sheer blue gloves are vintage. Cobalt cowhide belt, similar on Bluefly.


Photoshoot location: East Village rooftop, Manhattan.

Yellow Mellow

Very few go around searching for a yellow dress, right? But why not mellow in yellow?
Yellow Mellow (4 of 7)
A vintage chic yellow dress can be combined with both darker browns and lighter pinks. I will add a cloche pink hat to the outfit. I’m going towards the pink. Add a white or pink scarf to keep you warm.

Yellow Mellow (1 of 1)-6

To balance the romantic pink and yellow, I will now add my animal zebra print brogues and leopard shades also featured in Love Thy Prints blog post. I think they will also reinforce the vintage flair of the outfit.
Yellow Mellow Collage
I added yellow tights to keep the tone continuous and calming. The yellow matches with yellow, not so extravagant anymore on a sunny day right? It’s just a happy outfit.
Yellow Mellow Collage 2

There is nothing left but to Tru’ La La in front of the mirror before you go out to share these happy colours with your loved ones.

Yellow Mellow (1 of 1)-5 


GET THE LOOK: Browse Tru’ Finds for the dress and shoes. My yellow dress is vintage but you can find similar style on ModCloth, Les Nouvelles, YOOX, Asos, LaGarcone and PixieMarket. Cloche hat is Kookai old but similar on That Way Hat, Etsy or eBay. Animal print shoes are Dolce Vita on sale at Amazon. Turquoise tights are from Anthropologie
Photoshoot location: La Reserve Bed & Breakfast, Philadelphia.