Animal Print Instinct   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

High alert for Animal Print Instinct! One of our secret agents has been caught and imprisoned within four walls with only one door that leads to nowhere.

Animal Print Instinct (3 of 10)

Amelia Earhart (1 of 18)

Pilot CRU of One: Amelia Earhart

Dear Secret Agents,

Remember the extraordinary Pilot CRU of One: Amelia Earhart? The first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic and the first pilot to fly both the Atlantic and Pacific? She mysteriously disappeared in 1937 flying across the Pacific Ocean? – Well, she’s recently appeared in Brighton!

Viva La Frida Kahlo 1 comment

Dear Secret Agents,

One of the most demanding missions every year is Halloween night. No ghost is as scary as Frida Kahlo. She had that piercing look of death decorated with beautifully colourful florals. She was a woman with balls. Balls in the head. Viva La Frida Kahlo!

Viva La Frida Kahlo (5 of 6)

Brighton Fashion Week 2015 L.O.M FASHION-6

BRIGHTON FASHION WEEK 2015 1 comment   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Just as last year, our tireless secret agents infiltrated Brighton Fashion Week 2015 camouflaged as designers and coloured the runway. There was a lot of black to fight against.

Secret Agent Blanche

Dear Secret Agents,

Do you know the story of Secret Agent Blanche, one of the fearless Women Who Spied for Britain in World War II? – Yes, at only 19 years of age, she was a specialist on explosives. She liked blowing things up, especially bridges.

Agent Blanche-2-2


Designer Showrooms at London Fashion Week

Dear Secret Agents,

Pleased to announce that we have successfully infiltrated the Designer Showrooms at London Fashion Week. Colourful secret agent designers were everywhere, spreading our Tru’ Revolution through their SS16 collections.

Red Flower Power

Dear Secret Agents,

It is about time you are introduced to the Red Flower Power. It is no secret that, Red is the most manipulative colour, influencing everything from your choices in the workplace to your love life. There are also theories about the healing power of flowers, both with its beauty but also for the biological affect they have on us.

Red Flower Power-9

Stuck to a Blue Door

Stuck on Blue Door

Dear Secret Agents,

One of our secret agents has been Stuck on a Blue Door for a week now. She won’t step out of it. We’ve been trying to convince her to get out of this self confinement but to no avail. Apparently, she is Stuck on a Blue Door to escape the Evil Eye. She keeps shouting: ‘Tell Robin Hood I’m here!’ – Has she lost her marbles? Initially, we were as confused as you. But researching on the net we found out about the secret between the blue doors…

Miss Fisher in Brighton! 2 comments

Dear Secret Agents,

Our long serving secret agent – Miss Phryne Fisher – has been spotted in Brighton! We are unsure as to what mystery she’s set up to solve, so please do not share any information with her until we know her reason for travelling all the way from Melbourne.

Miss Fisher in Brighton-2

I have a dream today

I Have A Dream!   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

I have a dream today! I have a dream that one day fashion will rise up and live out the true meaning of all colours.

Saving Majestic Montpellier   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Rumours had it that the Water Tower in Montpellier may have been poisoned, so we embarked on an expeditious Saving Majestic Montpellier mission. Oui – in Montpellier, France!

Saving Majestic Montpellier-6


Agent Sonia Delaunay 2 comments   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Secret missions of Agent Sonia Delaunay have been well guarded for many years. Recent disclosure by an exhibit at Tate Modern in London may have somewhat exposed our older colourful missions, but we assure you that despite this disclosure, our future missions have not been jeopardised.

Connecting the Dots   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

One of the longest and most laborious missions of all times is Connecting the Dots. Connecting the Black Dots, to be precise. What Black Dots you ask? – Well, my dear friends, there are secret Black Dots in old stone walls around the world dating back from the middle ages.

Connecting the Dots-3

Yacht Racing Sabotage-10

A Sailing Sabotage in Geneva   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Have you ever embarked upon a sailing sabotage – in Geneva of all places? – I though so. Me, neither. Would have never thought of it either, not until last weekend…

Colour Me Happy   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

I started this Colour Revolution as a revolt against the 50 Shades of Black that has been dominating the fashion industry. Correction, my apologies, as there’s only one shade of Black. Yep, just one. And you thought grey was boring, right? Well at least there’s that 50 Shades of Grey to lift up grey of its boredom. But I’m guessing, just like Miss Steele, you want…more?

Colour Me Happy 2

Vintage Lady Thief-6

Vintage Lady Postie   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

The rumour is true – we do have a Vintage Lady Postie among our secret agents. She delivers in style!

Pink Metallic Brogues   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

I am delighted to present the Pink Metallic Brogues, THE TRAVEL SHOES for our secret agents. Thickness. Lightness. Metallic. Comfort.

Pink Metallic Chaka 2

Lady In Red-16

Lady In Red   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Our top secret agent Lady in Red is on the loose. You can spot her in the French riviera, playing her cards just right. Wearing cleavage, both in her dress and shoes. Whoever needs seducing – will be seduced.

Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Have you ever seen a silver NightJar in Blue Daylight? I reckon, not. Nightjars are nocturnal birds mostly spotted at dusk or dawn. But we are proud to announce that a rare NightJar human bird has just joined our Colour Revolution. See for yourself!

Silver NightJar in Blue Daylight

Split Personality Shoe Disorder-2

Split Personality Shoe Disorder   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

How does it feel living with a split personality shoe disorder? Lucky we’re got just the right shoes to explain.

New York New York   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Today, I am taking you back to New York New York, where our Colour Revolution started. Because today, for the first time in six months, I actually miss New York New York.

New York New York-3

May Day Monitoring Mission-7

May Day Monitoring Mission   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Happy May Day holiday! On May Day we dress like the bourgeois from the roaring twenties and we monitor properties that belong to the proletariat.

Viva La Fashion Revolution   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Viva La Fashion Revolution! Five years ago on this day, 1133 people died in the Rana Plaza catastrophe in the Bangladesh, while working for familiar fashion brands. The accident in a Dhaka garment building was a trigger for our secret agents to unite and start the Fashion Revolution.

Viva La Fashion Revolution-3

Go Green On Earth Day

Go Green on Earth Day   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

It’s imperative that we Go Green on Earth Day. On 22 April 1970, secret agents of our colour revolution mobilised 20 million Americans to take to the streets putting environmental concerns high on the political agenda.

The Red & The White AVARCA   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

The morning today started with 20 degrees! So hot for England, almost declared a national holiday! People were looking frantically into their attics, storage, under the bed…anywhere they could find summer sandals they bought 3 years ago – last time it was this sunny.

The White and the Red Avarca-11

Secret Knock Sirop Sirop-15

Secret Knock Sirop-Sirop!   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

In the midst of a growing Colour Revolution secret agents are attending our Secret Knock Sirop Sirop meeting to map out new future missions.

My name is Bond. Tru’ Bond. 2 comments   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

My name is Bond. Tru’ Bond. For years Hollywood had you confused that James Bond is the strongest of all secret agents out there. We had to do it. We had to put forth a man that is as fierce and as clever as Bond.

My name is Bond. Tru' Bond-2

70s Street Style-6

70s Street Style   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

It’s back to the 70s Street Style this spring! Bring on the flared jeans. Bring on the ultra wavy hair. Secret agents living in Brighton (UK) or anywhere near the coast will be the most sought after for the 70s Street Style mission.

Teal Blue to the Flu   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

What does Teal Blue have to do with the flu? Well, my work and travel lately was topped up with a flu. I felt blue. But I had to get out of the house and complete a secret mission.

Monochrome & Colour-5

Mellow Yellow Woman's Day-7

Mellow Yellow Woman’s Day 4 comments   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

On this wonderfully sunny Sunday, as the world marks the International Women’s Day, I decided to mark it as just one of the 365 days of the year.

Fall/Winter 2015-16 Colour Trends   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Looking at Fall/Winter 2015-16 colour trends, I have notices some dedicated Secret Agents of the Tru’ Revolution. They have been very busy parading colours in busy runways of New York – London – Paris – Milan.


Pretty Spring Floral Prints Miyas-4

Pretty Spring Floral Prints 3 comments   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Pretty spring floral prints are loyal friends of the Tru’ Revolution. They can turn a dull Sunday into a very colourful one. By pretty spring floral prints I don’t mean flowers on your table.

Tartan Dress fit for a Queen 1 comment   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

I am delighted to present you the Tartan Queen of our Tru’ Revolution. When it comes to style, our Tartan Queen is courageous but has very high expectations.

Berna Saraci Tartan Gown 3

Pure London Imelda Secret-2

Pure London Colourful Designs   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

I recently attended Pure London, a trade show of emerging and established brands and designers. As I walked around I started spotting colourful Secret Agents all over.

Doctor Bag, My Sweet Valentine   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Have you ever searched for a Doctor Bag? On Valentines Day we are often told to listen to our hearts. Tonight, I am letting my heart pick my Valentines Date, my Doctor Bag

Flamindigo Red-3

Wear Pink and Rob a Bank. Why not?   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

It’s Wednesday! Happy Wednesday. On Wednesdays We Wear Pink and rob a bank! As the British saying goes, Keep Calm and Wear Pink. Keep Calm and Rob a Pink Bank.

Wednesdays We Wear Pink-2

Two Tone Mixed Prints-2

Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Two Tone Marlene Ankle Boots. The name says it all. Don’t shorten it. Just say it. Then throw some two tone prints all over you and mix the hell out of them. Leopard print, geometric print, anything print will do.

Bloody Blue Monday Boots   HOT !

Dear Secret Agent,

Why Bloody Blue Monday Boots? – Already suffering from January Blues today strides in the special Blue Monday. You can mellow and weep (if you really must!) but it will take more than tears to beat these extraordinary Monday Blues.

Blue Monday 5

January Blues-4

Beat the January Blues in Style   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

So you’re feeling a bit blue this January? Every magazine is telling you How to Beat the January Blues. I say ditch all of that crap, they are missing the point.

The Edge of The Red Wedge   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

After indulging in Christmas holiday delights extra stomach folds appear unannounced and I hear that the temptation this January to wear all black is unbeatable

Edge of the Wedge-7

Pangea (1 of 1)-2


Dear Secret Agents,

I welcomed 2015 watching the 1965 Doctor Zhivago film with my sister in Geneva. There’s nothing like a good old film in the background as we munch away Christmas food leftovers well into the New Year, right?

Tru’ Christmas Colours   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

So what if it’s Christmas! Leave behind those black christmas dresses and get colourful, from the bottom up. If you think red and green are the only Christmas Colours – think again!

Red Bob Hair-5

Tru Winter Pastel-5

Tru’ Winter Pastels 2015   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

How about Winter Pastels in 2015? Hurray! Temperature has dropped, hats and scarves have come out. Sadly colours have gone dark. Do dark colour keep us warm? – Nope!

Black Friday Madness   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Black Friday Madness is real. We live in an oppressive society ruled by the Fashion Police. Even our shopping moments are marked by an adjective Black. Black Friday? No! I’ll have a White Friday – thank you very much!

Black Friday Frenzy-4

Jeta B Photography - - Backstage Showreal 14jpg-3 2

Colours at Brighton Fashion Week

Dear Secret Agents,

Colours at Brighton Fashion Week were vibrant indeed. The runway was full of Tru’ Revolution agents spreading colourful designs of emerging designers.

To Be or To BeWitched?   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Today, we took the protest to the street. Following the Halloween spirit this week, Modern Day Witches joined our Tru’ Revolution taking to the streets, one by one. Witches turned their broomsticks into banner holders. United, these Halloween Witches demanded: To Be or To BeWitched?!

To Be or To Bewitched 5

TO BE SHOES Montage1

To Be or Not to Be?   HOT !

TO BE SHOES | TO BE OR NOT TO BE? Dear Secret Agents, Our Tru’ Revolution is in crisis when it come to autumn outfits. A Hamletian TO BE or NOT TO BE bright this fall dilemma is lingering in the heads of many Secret Agents. Everything […]

Bonnie and Clyde   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents, Bonnie and Clyde are alive and kicking. They both pledged their full fledge allegiance to the Tru’ Revolution and offered to take down any members of the Fashion Police that are advising people to wear black. Scared of what they would do to them, I kindly […]

Bonnie & Clyde (2 of 8)

Check Mate 4

Chess Mate? 2 comments   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents, Our Tru’ Revolution has been infiltrated by men and women in black again. As our Tinker Tailor Soldier Spies would say: ‘There is a mole, right at the top of the circus.’ We have no choice but to find the mole and win this […]

A Barefoot Venetian Goddess   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Up in Las Vegas early in the morning? Hmmm…what are the odds really? Maybe you never went to sleep high on winning or losing Vegas adrenaline? – Let’s say, hypothetically, you are up, ok? Well then, there’s a secret mission you shouldn’t miss.

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (3 of 5)

The Ghost Hotel Mission (4 of 4)

Stranded at the Ghost Hotel   HOT !

In my most recent mission, I was sent to Yosemite National Park. I was staying at the historic Hotel Jeffery, known for its paranormal activity. Yes, it’s a ghost hotel but that meant nothing to me. Never saw one, never believed in one. When the other agent was late picking me up, I phoned the base to get an update on the mission. I was told the other agent had disappeared en route to meet me. Something fishy was going on.

The Crazy Lady in Red   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents, I was driving through Nevada with another secret agent en route to Las Vegas, when I realised he was a double agent. Got rid of him and the car. Mission towards Las Vegas continued on foot, wearing a red dress with only […]

The Dessert Walk (5 of 6)

Napa Train Ride 4

Napa Wine Train Mission   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents, Our spying missions reported that members of the Fashion Police will be gathering at the Vintage Wine Train in Napa Valley. I wasted no time! Got my best vintage attire, and sabotaged the ride, champagne in hand. When nobody was looking, I fiddled with […]

The Chicago Blues   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

You’ve heard about the Chicago Blues before right? While the mainstream think about the music, us Secret Agents think outside the box. Always. When visiting Chicago, we dress in blue. A distinguishable, comfortable and multipurpose blue because you’re going to get high and you’re going to get wet! Viva La Colour Revolution. Chicago Blues to the People!

The Chicago Mission (2 of 2)

The Silver Bean Mission (6 of 6)

The Cloud Gate   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

Last week I visited the headquarters of the Tru’ Revolution in Chicago: the Cloud Gate, which Fashion Police call The Bean. When visiting the Cloud Gate, you should be in silver attire, including your shoes. Due to the crowds, that’s the only way agents within the Cloud Gate can spot you. Yes, there are secret agents living permanently inside the Cloud Gate.

The Dreamy Mermaid Parade 1 comment   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,

The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island is not really a battle Secret Agents of the Tru’ Revolution try to win. It’s ours to start with. We attend just for kicks! Viva La Colour Revolution!

The Mermaid Parade (23 of 34)

Roaring Twenties (6 of 21)
Dear Secret Agents,
The New York Times Magazine has been spying on our last Roaring Twenties Mission. Agent Tru Lavina is featured with an odd name in the caption. Who is this Jeta Bejtullahu? Looks like the Fashion Police has infiltrated our revolution and is messing up with our identities! Stay Alert! Report to the base on any such suspicious developments!
Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People! 

Secret Agents or Fashion Police?   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents, There’s no denial that it was harder than ever to distinguish between Secret Agents and the Fashion Police at the Jazz Age Lawn Party this weekend, our biggest mission of the year. There were so many missions underway and way too many double agents. But, […]

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (25 of 25)

Roaring Twenties (21 of 21)

The Roaring Twenties

Dear Secret Agents,

What a pleasure seeing so many of the Tru’ Revolution Secret Agents at the Jazz Age Lawn Party this weekend, our biggest mission of the year. As predicted, it was also flooded with members of the Fashion Police trying to infiltrate our Colour Revolution. But Secret Agents came in flocks of colour, more determined than ever to exchange messages and keep the Tru’ Revolution alive. It was, indeed, just like the glorious roaring colourful twenties. Down with black outfits! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Bury Your Shoes Away

Dear Secret Agents,

The Wicked Witch of the East is still on the lose. Shoe snapping incidents have been reported all over New York. Sarah Jessica Parker is in tears, her whole SJP collection went missing. Agents, get ready for action. Do not risk losing your shoes. Get out on that backyard, yours or the neighbours, little it matters. Bury Your Shoes Away!


Tru Watchdog (1 of 4)

Tru’ Revolution Watchdog   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,
I’m excited to announce that we have now started a Tru’ Revolution Watchdog Mission to capture The Wicked Witch of the East and bring our Blue Shoes back. Our agents can be spotted in Colourful Outfits and Oversized Sunglasses and Red Louis Vuitton Handbag patrolling 24/7 around the Four Freedoms Park in Governors island, where the Wicked Witch was last seen. Check out our Watchdog Mission.

The Wicked Witch of the East   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,
I am distraught! The Blue Cobalt Shoes of our SuperWoman have gone missing! This brings us all at risk of being caught by the Fashion Police. Those Blue Cobalt Shoes carry secret data about all past flying missions of the Colour Revolution around New York. To make matters worse, they have been seen in the hands of the Wicked Witch of the East, a notorious East Coast Fashion Police agent operating since the late 60s. Secret Agents unite! Let’s find and burn this wicked witch!

The Wicked Witch of the East (6 of 12)

Jazz Age Mission (20 of 20)

Jazz Age Lawn Party   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,
The Jazz Age Lawn Party is approaching. As you all know, secret agents from around the world gather at Governors Island every June for our signature event. Members of the Fashion Police will also frequent the party camouflaged as secret agents. We have to do our best to stop them from infiltrating our revolution. Viva La Revolution!

Superwoman in Blue Shoes   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,
I am ecstatic to announce that a SuperWoman with flying powers has joined our Colour Revolution. She is out there, flying around Manhattan Day-in, Day-out…spreading the seeds of her cobalt blue colour around New York City. Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-3

Cherry Blossoms (12 of 19)

The Cherry Blossom Mission   HOT !

Dear Secret Agents,
I am delighted to announce that Mother Nature is on our side and fully supporting our Colour Revolution! See 12 tips on how to successfully execute your Cherry Blossom Mission. Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Dare to be Bright, it’s Springtime!   HOT !

Dear New Yorkers,
It’s time to stack away those dark clothes and open up to some Bright Spring Happy Colours! Dare to wear bright this spring. Bright is might! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Colour the Runway

Land Girls collage 1

Women’s Colourful Land Army!   HOT !

Dear Land Girls,
As much as we enjoyed Easter Weekend, colouring Easter Eggs will not lead to victory. We need to do more. Our country is in danger. Dark outfits have taken over our institutions. We need to rise up and work the land in colourful outfits. Only colour will keep our Colour Revolution alive. Viva La Revolution!

Viva La Colour Revolution   HOT !

When busted for wearing bright colours in New York, I’d had enough. Why should I conform and wear black? I will be the change I want to see. I will start a Colour Revolution! Che Guevara spoke to me: ‘Better to die standing than live on your knees.’ Viva La Revolution!

The Colour Revolution (4 of 7)

Rainy Day (1 of 1)-4

Just Beat It!   HOT !

Dear friends of the Revolution, It’s going to be a rainy day in New York today. Clouds are gathering on top of our heads and the pressure to wear dark colours is at its peak. I urge you not to give in. Don’t be all […]

BUSTED Wearing Bright Colours

Dear Secret Agents,
I’ve been BUSTED by fashion police for wearing bright colours! Don’t worry, I will not be broken by the establishment. I will lead this colour revolution till the last (wo)man standing. Viva La Colour Revolution!

Busted Collage 7

Tratan Coat (1 of 7)

The No-Pants Spring Coat 2 comments   HOT !

Weatherman said it’s going to snow today in New York. What do we say? Enough is enough! Now we can rebel and take our coats off altogether and then by the weekend we’re in bed sniffling and coughing. OR, we can still look like spring […]

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit

Finally we’re seeing some sunshine in New York. People have flooded the streets to fill their bodies with vitamin D because those pills at the pharmacy are just not as good as the unprotected UV light. But there’s still a chill in the air. Spring is running […]

Winter to Spring (6 of 14)

Get the look

Dare to Wear Pink

Ambitious women face a constant dilemma of how to dress for success. Often, they go for understated dark colours and safe outfits hoping this will make them look more serious about their work. Been there, done that. Smart women are not supposed to love fashion […]

Four Runway Inspired Tru’ Looks 3 comments

The New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks are now over and we go back to our daily lives with budgets unable to handle all designer looks we’ve been awwwing about. Right? Wrong. As the Countess of Glamour explained, it’s all about style. The […]

Giorgio Armani

Tru' Valentines Collage 1

The Countess of Glamour   HOT !

the Countess of Glamour New York has been snowed in but that changes nothin. It’s fashion week and the show must go on. So, how do we layer to keep warm and fabulous? I approached non other than Lynn Dell Cohen, the New York’s Countess […]

Breaking Black 4 comments   HOT !

It’s fashion week everyone! Ok, we can’t all get into runway shows but we can still give our clothes a front row seat. I’m a sucker for colour but I’ve challenged myself to work with black this time. I’ll start with a sparkly black full skirt […]

NYFW Outfit (10 of 11)-2

Casual Brunch (3 of 5)

Colour me Casual

Going for brunch, gallery hopping or an out-of-town excursion? You’re looking to be warm & comfortable, of course. Trust me, there’s still room for a little colourful chicness in the comfort. You can do it in 4 steps. Step 1: Start with tall leather boots. […]

Festive in Red   HOT !

A Christmas outfit can be more than just a Christmas jumper. Ditch your jumper for a monochrome Channel-like red & black suit jacket. Monique from The Bargain District shows you how to wear it. Ooooh La La…Tru’ La La! Monique doesn’t wear a black dress. She’s bolder. Her […]

Monique Cover(1 of 1)

Orange Delight (1 of 1)

Orange Delight

Sometimes we see designer look-books, but we feel they are made for the runway only. Well why not adapt them to our style? You head it well. Adapt them to your style and figure, not the other way around. For example, I loved Ulyana Sergeenko’s 2011 […]