Tru’ Winter Pastels

Dear Secret Agents, The temperatures have dropped, hats and scarves have come out and sadly colours have gone dark. Hmmm, do dark colour keep us warm? – Nope! So why do we go all doom and gloom when it comes to winter colours? This Secret Agents decided to enjoy the Festive Season in the glory of Winter Pastels. I […]

Tru Winter Pastel-5

Black Friday Frenzy-4

Black Friday Madness

Dear Secret Agents, It is very clear by now that we live in an oppressive society ruled by the Fashion Police. Even our shopping moments are marked by an adjective Black. Black Friday? No! I’ll have a White Friday – thank you very much! Secret Agent went on a mission. I put on the off white cream Lulu Guiness […]

Colours at Brighton Fashion Week

Dear Secret Agents, I’m delighted to report that Brighton Fashion Week was full of Tru’ Revolution agents, working undercover as designers to bring Colourful Outfits to the People. Their goal was to infiltrate the Brighton Fashion Week and bring as much colour as possible to the catwalk. The most determined secret agents were those camouflaged in emerging designer Minnan […]

Brighton Fashion week Minna Hui 6

To Be or To Bewitched 5

To Be or To BeWitched?

Dear Secret Agents,

Today, we took the protest to the street. Following the Halloween spirit this week, Modern Day Witches joined our Tru’ Revolution taking to the streets, one by one. Witches turned their broomsticks into banner holders. United, these Halloween Witches demanded: To Be or To BeWitched?!

To Be or Not to Be Bright?

Dear Secret Agents, Our Tru’ Revolution is in crisis when it come to autumn outfits. A Hamletian TO BE or NOT TO BE bright this fall dilemma is lingering in the heads of many Secret Agents. Everything we have worked for can be jeopardised because everyone is turning to dark autumn colours. More so on a rainy day, […]

TO BE SHOES Montage1

Bonnie & Clyde (2 of 8)

Bonnie and Clyde

Dear Secret Agents, Bonnie and Clyde are alive and kicking. They both pledged their full fledge allegiance to the Tru’ Revolution and offered to take down any members of the Fashion Police that are advising people to wear black. Scared of what they would do to them, I kindly refused. But I am bringing their message to you. Bonnie […]

Chess Mate?

Dear Secret Agents, Our Tru’ Revolution has been infiltrated by men and women in black again. As our Tinker Tailor Soldier Spies would say: ‘There is a mole, right at the top of the circus.’ We have no choice but to find the mole and win this game. No secret mission is ever complete without a chess […]

Check Mate 4

Bohemian Bunnie for Tru Collabs (3 of 5)

A Barefoot Venetian Goddess

Dear Secret Agents,

Up in Las Vegas early in the morning? Hmmm…what are the odds really? Maybe you never went to sleep high on winning or losing Vegas adrenaline? – Let’s say, hypothetically, you are up, ok? Well then, there’s a secret mission you shouldn’t miss.

Stranded at the Ghost Hotel

In my most recent mission, I was sent to Yosemite National Park. I was staying at the historic Hotel Jeffery, known for its paranormal activity. Yes, it’s a ghost hotel but that meant nothing to me. Never saw one, never believed in one. When the other agent was late picking me up, I phoned the base to get an update on the mission. I was told the other agent had disappeared en route to meet me. Something fishy was going on.

The Ghost Hotel Mission (4 of 4)

The Dessert Walk (5 of 6)

A Red Dress Will Save Your Life

Dear Secret Agents, I was driving through Nevada with another secret agent en route to Las Vegas, when I realised he was a double agent. Got rid of him and the car. Mission towards Las Vegas continued on foot, wearing a red dress with only my wash bag in hand. Rules of the desert are […]

Napa Wine Train Mission

Dear Secret Agents, Our spying missions reported that members of the Fashion Police will be gathering at the Vintage Wine Train in Napa Valley. I wasted no time! Got my best vintage attire, and sabotaged the ride, champagne in hand. When nobody was looking, I fiddled with the brakes. A matter of seconds. Then of course I […]

Napa Train Ride 4

The Chicago Mission (2 of 2)

The Chicago Blues

Dear Secret Agents,

You’ve heard about the Chicago Blues before right? While the mainstream think about the music, us Secret Agents think outside the box. Always. When visiting Chicago, we dress in blue. A distinguishable, comfortable and multipurpose blue because you’re going to get high and you’re going to get wet! Viva La Colour Revolution. Chicago Blues to the People!

The Silver Selfie

Dear Secret Agents,

Last week I visited the headquarters of the Tru’ Revolution in Chicago: the Cloud Gate, which Fashion Police call The Bean. When visiting the Cloud Gate, you should be in silver attire, including your shoes. Due to the crowds, that’s the only way agents within the Cloud Gate can spot you. Yes, there are secret agents living permanently inside the Cloud Gate.

The Silver Bean Mission (6 of 6)

The Mermaid Parade (23 of 34)

The Dreamy Mermaid Parade 1

Dear Secret Agents,

The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island is not really a battle Secret Agents of the Tru’ Revolution try to win. It’s ours to start with. We attend just for kicks! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Dear Secret Agents,
The New York Times Magazine has been spying on our last Roaring Twenties Mission. Agent Tru Lavina is featured with an odd name in the caption. Who is this Jeta Bejtullahu? Looks like the Fashion Police has infiltrated our revolution and is messing up with our identities! Stay Alert! Report to the base on any such suspicious developments!
Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People! 
Roaring Twenties (6 of 21)

Secret Agent Vs. Fashion Police (25 of 25)

Secret Agents or Fashion Police?

Dear Secret Agents, There’s no denial that it was harder than ever to distinguish between Secret Agents and the Fashion Police at the Jazz Age Lawn Party this weekend, our biggest mission of the year. There were so many missions underway and way too many double agents. But, I’m ecstatic to declare that the mission was a success. Secret […]

The Roaring Twenties Mission

Dear Secret Agents,

What a pleasure seeing so many of the Tru’ Revolution Secret Agents at the Jazz Age Lawn Party this weekend, our biggest mission of the year. As predicted, it was also flooded with members of the Fashion Police trying to infiltrate our Colour Revolution. But Secret Agents came in flocks of colour, more determined than ever to exchange messages and keep the Tru’ Revolution alive. It was, indeed, just like the glorious roaring colourful twenties. Down with black outfits! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Roaring Twenties (21 of 21)


Bury Your Shoes Away

Dear Secret Agents,

The Wicked Witch of the East is still on the lose. Shoe snapping incidents have been reported all over New York. Sarah Jessica Parker is in tears, her whole SJP collection went missing. Agents, get ready for action. Do not risk losing your shoes. Get out on that backyard, yours or the neighbours, little it matters. Bury Your Shoes Away!

Tru’ Revolution Watchdog

Dear Secret Agents,
I’m excited to announce that we have now started a Tru’ Revolution Watchdog Mission to capture The Wicked Witch of the East and bring our Blue Shoes back. Our agents can be spotted in Colourful Outfits and Oversized Sunglasses and Red Louis Vuitton Handbag patrolling 24/7 around the Four Freedoms Park in Governors island, where the Wicked Witch was last seen. Check out our Watchdog Mission.

Tru Watchdog (1 of 4)

The Wicked Witch of the East (6 of 12)

The Wicked Witch of the East

Dear Secret Agents,
I am distraught! The Blue Cobalt Shoes of our SuperWoman have gone missing! This brings us all at risk of being caught by the Fashion Police. Those Blue Cobalt Shoes carry secret data about all past flying missions of the Colour Revolution around New York. To make matters worse, they have been seen in the hands of the Wicked Witch of the East, a notorious East Coast Fashion Police agent operating since the late 60s. Secret Agents unite! Let’s find and burn this wicked witch!

Jazz Age Lawn Party

Dear Secret Agents,
The Jazz Age Lawn Party is approaching. As you all know, secret agents from around the world gather at Governors Island every June for our signature event. Members of the Fashion Police will also frequent the party camouflaged as secret agents. We have to do our best to stop them from infiltrating our revolution. Viva La Revolution!

Jazz Age Mission (20 of 20)

Superwoman in Blue Shoes (1 of 1)-3

Superwoman in Blue Shoes

Dear Secret Agents,
I am ecstatic to announce that a SuperWoman with flying powers has joined our Colour Revolution. She is out there, flying around Manhattan Day-in, Day-out…spreading the seeds of her cobalt blue colour around New York City. Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

The Cherry Blossom Mission

Dear Secret Agents,
I am delighted to announce that Mother Nature is on our side and fully supporting our Colour Revolution! See 12 tips on how to successfully execute your Cherry Blossom Mission. Viva La Colour Revolution! Colour to the People!

Cherry Blossoms (12 of 19)

Colour the Runway

Dare to be Bright, it’s Springtime!

Dear New Yorkers,
It’s time to stack away those dark clothes and open up to some Bright Spring Happy Colours! Dare to wear bright this spring. Bright is might! Viva La Colour Revolution!

Women’s Colourful Land Army!

Dear Land Girls,
As much as we enjoyed Easter Weekend, colouring Easter Eggs will not lead to victory. We need to do more. Our country is in danger. Dark outfits have taken over our institutions. We need to rise up and work the land in colourful outfits. Only colour will keep our Colour Revolution alive. Viva La Revolution!

Land Girls collage 1

The Colour Revolution (4 of 7)

Viva La Colour Revolution

When busted for wearing bright colours in New York, I’d had enough. Why should I conform and wear black? I will be the change I want to see. I will start a Colour Revolution! Che Guevara spoke to me: ‘Better to die standing than live on your knees.’ Viva La Revolution!

Just Beat It!

Dear friends of the Revolution, It’s going to be a rainy day in New York today. Clouds are gathering on top of our heads and the pressure to wear dark colours is at its peak. I urge you not to give in. Don’t be all doom and gloom about it. Colour your outfit. Beat the rain. Just […]

Rainy Day (1 of 1)-4

Busted Collage 7

BUSTED Wearing Bright Colours

Dear Secret Agents,
I’ve been BUSTED by fashion police for wearing bright colours! Don’t worry, I will not be broken by the establishment. I will lead this colour revolution till the last (wo)man standing. Viva La Colour Revolution!

The No-Pants Spring Coat 2

Weatherman said it’s going to snow today in New York. What do we say? Enough is enough! Now we can rebel and take our coats off altogether and then by the weekend we’re in bed sniffling and coughing. OR, we can still look like spring with this perfect plaid Asos coat. Quick, it’s on sale – […]

Tratan Coat (1 of 7)

Tru' Lavina for Verily

Create Your Tru’ Runway Look

The New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks long gone now. We all awed designer runway looks for weeks and now we’re back to our real lives knowing that looks we want could really break our bank. Well, not quite. As the Countess of Glamour explained, it’s all about style. The best fashion is undoubtedly […]

Winter to Spring Transition Outfit

Finally we’re seeing some sunshine in New York. People have flooded the streets to fill their bodies with vitamin D because those pills at the pharmacy are just not as good as the unprotected UV light. But there’s still a chill in the air. Spring is running unfashionably late this season and desperate to wear spring colours, […]

Winter to Spring (6 of 14)

Get the look

Dare to Wear Pink

Ambitious women face a constant dilemma of how to dress for success. Often, they go for understated dark colours and safe outfits hoping this will make them look more serious about their work. Been there, done that. Smart women are not supposed to love fashion or else they won’t be taken seriously. Needless to say, […]

Four Runway Inspired Tru’ Looks 3

The New York, London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks are now over and we go back to our daily lives with budgets unable to handle all designer looks we’ve been awwwing about. Right? Wrong. As the Countess of Glamour explained, it’s all about style. The best fashion is undoubtedly going to be high-end designer, but […]

Giorgio Armani


Vintage Wednesday

It’s Vintage Wednesday and I’ve invited the vintage bargain queen Monique Sinha of The Bargain District to share her tips of mixing vintage and new items for a colourful winter party outfit. She starts with a happy sequinned vintage dress from her shop. The dress is dancing in fabulous colours with beautiful 80s drape shape sleeves. And […]

Vintage Delight

Like it or not, the winter storm in New York brings the Russian doll in us. Don’t fight it, have fun with it. Keep yourself warm while looking chic. My special feature in this post is a vintage 50s flowery quilted full skirt. Quilted skirts are back this season – whether midi, mini or pencil. […]

Russian Doll (1 of 1)

Tru' Valentines Collage 5

Winter White

New York has been snowed in. But it’s fashion week and the show must go on. So, how do we layer to keep warm and fabulous? I approached non other than Lynn Dell Cohen, the New York’s Countess of Glamour and owner of the Off Broadway Boutique to share her tips. Not only did Lynn layer up in […]

Breaking Black 4

It’s fashion week everyone! Ok, we can’t all get into runway shows but we can still give our clothes a front row seat. I’m a sucker for colour but I’ve challenged myself to work with black this time. I’ll start with a sparkly black full skirt and match it with sparkly black tights previously featured on […]

NYFW Outfit (10 of 11)-2

Glitter & Green (1 of 1)-10

Country Glam

Planning a winter countryside getaway? Remember to pack more than just your walking shoes. You’re bound to find an amazing country restaurant, and a little country glam doesn’t hurt. I have packed these black and gold zebra pumps and a pair of black gold sparkly tights too. I’m in business! Pack a mono colour midi dress. Full skirt […]

Glittery Yellow 1

Yes, it’s been very cold in New York this week. But don’t let the storm ruin your Tru’ La La. It’s Friday, we’re in love! I will start building this outfit from the shoes, and work my way towards a warm yet chic look. My gunmetal sparkly pumps previously featured on Sparkly Blues are perfect for this. […]

Glittery Yellow 1

Casual Brunch (3 of 5)

Colour me Casual

Going for brunch, gallery hopping or an out-of-town excursion? You’re looking to be warm & comfortable, of course. Trust me, there’s still room for a little colourful chicness in the comfort. You can do it in 4 steps. Step 1: Start with tall leather boots. Mine are flat for comfort and croc for chicness. I’ll […]

Sparkly Blues 6

Ok, you have a fab party to go to and you don’t feel like dressing up, just because it’s a rainy day? Oh no. No excuse. Let’s start getting ready. We’ll go for darker colours this time. Let’s start with the shoes, and work our way up. I’ll start with my black sparkly pumps.  Then […]

Sparkly Blues (1 of 1)-2

Festive in Green (1 of 1)-12

Festive in Green

So you want to stand out over Christmas? Be creative. Be vintage. Be bright. After all you’ll be reading colorful Christmas cards! For example, find a light green dress and accessorize with red tights. Add a pair of lovely flowery shoes. Mine are black with green and pink. So those are the colours I’ll be […]

Orange Delight

Sometimes we see designer look-books, but we feel they are made for the runway only. Well why not adapt them to our style? You head it well. Adapt them to your style and figure, not the other way around. For example, I loved Ulyana Sergeenko’s 2011 look-book so I want to adapt it to my style, using […]

Orange Delight (1 of 1)

Monique Cover(1 of 1)

Festive in Red

A Christmas outfit can be more than just a Christmas jumper. Ditch your jumper for a monochrome Channel-like red & black suit jacket. Monique from The Bargain District shows you how to wear it. Ooooh La La…Tru’ La La! Monique doesn’t wear a black dress. She’s bolder. Her red floaty silk dress looks wonderful as a skirt, but […]

Devil’s in the Details

A new look does not mean a new dress. It could just as well be a new combo through accessories. Take the yellow vintage dress I have featured before. Let’s add some blue details to it. You can take the simplest blue sweater and elevate it by adding a beautiful sparkly necklace. Consider it your […]

Beat the Blues (1 of 4)

Love Thy Prints (1 of 1)

Love Thy Prints 7

Ok, we often hear that general rule: don’t mix prints. But why not, designers do it all the time! So I say, let’s mix and match them. I’ll start with a vintage 50s black and white geometric print shift dress. It’s had a come-back! When you find that special geometric print shift dress that fits well […]

Colour it. Twirl it! 2

Winter in New York is undeniably cold. But wearing dark colours will not keep you any warmer. So, on a sunny day, please have your last love affair with your autumn trench coat.   Accessorize it with a big scarf to keep you warm. Wooden button details  give the autumn outfit a winter look, so I’ll […]

Shop (1 of 1)-3

Tread on Red (1 of 1)

Tread on Red!

These days we are told that matching shoes and bag is a thing of the past. Well, I think there are exceptions. When everything else is floating in colors, use one tone shoes and bag to balance your outfit. For example, I’ll be using red. Red shoes and a red bag. Why not add a […]

Yellow Mellow

Very few go around searching for a yellow dress, right? But why not mellow in yellow? A vintage chic yellow dress can be combined with both darker browns and lighter pinks. I will add a cloche pink hat to the outfit. I’m going towards the pink. Add a white or pink scarf to keep you […]

Yellow Mellow Collage